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7 Ways to Improve Student Mental Health

Posted on: May 11th, 2017

Common student mental health issues include phobias, addictions, excessively high or low self-confidence, eating and anxiety disorders. One in ten children between the ages five and sixteen in England suffer from diagnose mental health illnesses. These afflicted children will not have good physical health or achieve higher qualifications. They will also not be able to attain good employment prospects and healthy relationships even later in life. Only one in four of the children who need treatment will actually be able to receive treatment.

We all know that mental health illnesses and patients are making a significant contribution to the health budget. Here are seven exercises to sharpen your mental health which will not cost you anything.

  1. Focus and Concentration
  2. Walking
  3. Cycling
  4. Yoga
  5. Swimming
  6. 3 – 6 – 9 Breathing
  7. Relaxation

Each exercise improves concentration as well as physical well being. After performing these exercises you will feel physically and mentally exhilarated. Most of these exercises can be performed at almost any age. Some exercises do require for you to be in good shape before you can take part.

Ways to Improve Student Mental Health Illnesses

Improving Your Concentration by Relaxing your Mind

Some games actually improve concentration and hand and eye coordination. For example, after playing a simple game of darts you will become highly conscious of your hand-eye-coordination. Similarly table tennis is another game which you can participate in to improve your overall concentration. Table tennis will also improve your physical condition. If you are not so physically fit and still want to improve your concentration you can try playing a game of pool or snooker. After participating in these games you will notice that your mind is fine tuned to each impulse and stimulus that it receives.

We are constantly trying to do more than one task at a time. We may be talking on the phone and assignment writing at the same time. The human mind is not built to do two things at once with full efficiency like a computer. It is better at focusing all of its attention towards a single task. Once that task is complete it can divert its attention to the next task at hand. Try to avoid distractions when you are working it will break your chain of thought.

Walking and Cycling to Inspire Creativity and Imagination

Walking is an activity which can improve memory by twenty percent and it is completely free. There is no cost associated with walking, other than the time involved. There is something positive which the body associates with looking at natural settings while putting one foot in front of the other, which improves memory. Taking a walk in the park or any other natural setting helps to rejuvenate mental energy. The process of walking is an iterative process which basically means that you have to perform the same action repetitively. This iterative process also has a positive effect on the mind and intelligence.

Some yoga exercises also improve concentration. Yoga uses certain physical poses in different positions to relax the mind. It is not entirely physical and not entirely spiritual, but it is a combination of both. Physical practitioners in the nursing assignment also advocate swimming for better cognitive function of the brain. Quite surprisingly swimming also stimulates a better mood. Staying as physically active as you possibly can is as good for the brain as it is for the body. The brain is the entity which commands and controls all the physical activity just like a manager. So when you are physically active your brain is also at work. It is deploying new and different techniques to carry out those actions as effectively as possible at the same time putting these events in to memory.

Relaxation and Breathing Techniques to Promote Mental Health

The 3 – 6 – 9 breathing method is an amazing way to relax your brain. It does not require any special equipment to pay for your assignment and has a phenomenal effect on your mental health. Keeping your lips pursed take a deep breath only with your nose to the count of three. Refrain yourself from breathing out to the count of six. Breathe out continuously with your mouth to the count of nine. You can try this with your eyes closed in a quiet place to increase its efficiency. You will feel mentally revitalised after this breathing activity.

It is hard to believe but concentration and relaxation go hand in hand. Decrease one and the other automatically diminishes. The first thing to improve concentration is to make sure that you get enough sleep daily. Make sure that you schedule the appropriate amount of sleep according to your age. In most cases, seven hours of sleep should be sufficient daily if you are between the ages of thirteen and twenty-five.


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