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8 Mental Health Importance for Successful Educational Career

Posted on: May 8th, 2017

In the UK the importance of mental health for a student holds significant consequences. The official figure of mental illness in the UK for professional students is 1 in 125 and 1 in 500 for staff. These numbers are misleading since students are reluctant to disclose any of their mental illnesses to their institute. According to experts this is a staggeringly unrepresentative number, causing real challenges for university provision and support. The students and staff of universities are unwilling to reveal their mental disability for fear of being treated differently. Instead of institutes providing assistance to help the improvement of mental health illness of students, they are often treated unfairly. Even the students understand that their illness may or may not be curable. If it is curable, all is good, if it is not curable, they will be treated differently at their institute if everyone finds out.

Mental Health Importance for Successful Educational Career

Confidentially Seeking Professional Help Immediately

Before informing your institute about any mental condition make sure that you have all the facts straight. Consult a specialist about your mental condition and don’t hesitate to ask all of your questions. Your institute will also require this information to help them decide if you are fit for becoming a teaching assistant or not. The most critical question you need to ask your doctor is whether or not your condition is curable. Also ask whether it could have potential adverse effects on others, in which case you will have to inform your institute. Once you have all the critical information you should get a second opinion from a friend, relative or colleague, anyone you trust. Show them all of your findings and ask for advice. They can help you understand things which you may have overlooked. They might also be able to present the situation with a completely different angle.

Conclusively Determining the Next Course of Action

Once you have deliberated the pros and cons of the situation with your friend, it is time to reach a conclusion. Teachers understand the importance of mental health in education, and they also understand that you need to complete your qualification. It is completely up to the discretion of the institute what they decide but no institute would want to lose a paying student. Just like in a business decision making assignment you have to investigate all the possibilities, the same must be done in this situation. In some cases, staying silent will be the best solution. This will assist you in completing your qualification with the least bit of interference from other entities or individuals. In other cases, it might be possible that you could be entitled to a mental health scholarship because of your condition. It is up to you to decide.

Comprehending Stress and Pressure on University Students

Overwork and undue academic pressure has led to the collapse of the importance of mental health in UK institutes. The increases in tuition fees have added even more financial stress on students. The financial stress coupled with the academic pressure of achieving national standard performance leads to the mental instability of students. This leads to students looking for places to buy assignment from academic experts such as MHR Writer. The students that use conventional methods of learning end up at the counsellor’s office looking for counselings sessions. Even student counsellors will agree that most of the student concerns are all valid concerns. Students have to deal with financial issues, relationship setbacks, travelling expenses, accommodation concerns and day-to-day issues. All this leads to a highly qualified society dealing with deep rooted mental trauma and suffocation.


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