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Guarantee on Our Services

Client satisfaction is one of the core ideologies of our dissertation, thesis or assignment writing help team members. Mostly students are pleased with our services and helping ideology. Therefore, we proudly guarantee for some of the below features.

Guarantee on our Services

1. Privacy Policy

  1. 1.1. The Company is dedicated in protecting each and every customer’s privacy. The Company will not share any personal information of customers, which may include credit card information with any third party. All the transaction made on our website through online method is reliable and secure in our processing system.
  2. 1.2. The customer is satisfied to use the credit card without any risk of information disclosed. The Company has no responsibility if any, information sharing happens on credit card beyond its fault or control.
  3. 1.3. The Company request every customer to provide their initial information which includes customer name, valid email and contact details while placing an order. The information is fully secured in our database and only be used for the verification purpose and contacting the same customer.
  4. 1.4. The Company has forbidden the direct contact between the writer and the customer as both sides need much security and privacy and in this way we can save the time of writer and customer. The qualified support team is ready to answer 24/7 queries of every customer whenever required.
  5. 1.5. Once a particular order, is placed, all given files and information of order details get visible to writing team. The Company has not taken any responsibility if any personal information is willingly disclosed by the customer in the files or order details. The Company highly encourages the customer not to include any billing or personal information, e.g. (contact number, email-address, personal identity or billing information) when communicating with the writer on email.

2. Order Process

  1. 2.1. While placing an order, it is the customer’s responsibility to use the valid email and provide the correct contact information which helps us to communicate with the customer. In case of wrong information provided by the customer e.g. (email, contact number) will result in violation of agreed terms and condition. If the Company found any incorrect information, this may result in penalty of any claim implied by the customer.
  2. 2.2. The customer has to pay the entire amount for the services of our Company in advance to start working on the requested task. The Company is not responsible, if the customer failed to pay the entire amount in time. Also Company accepts payment in form of instalment which will be decided with on-duty agents on our live chat.
  3. 2.3. Order Instructions: It is the customer’s responsibility to provide clear and detailed instruction in the allocated time, if the instructions are not clear and additional instructions will require to process the order, which may increase the time duration so the Company shall not be held responsible for this delay and cannot provide guarantee to deliver work within decided deadline. When the order is placed, the customer is instructed that any revision order must be based on initial requirement and description of original order.
  4. 2.4. Relevant sources: The writer is free to use the relevant sources available on the internet to complete the order; it may include books, journal articles, online published material, case study, newspaper and notes provided by the customer.
  5. 2.5.

    It is the customer’s responsibility to highlight which source is to be used in the particular order like to include details/references from PDF format, books, lecture notes, or any specific source. This is not the company responsibility to find the material which is tagged as paid on the internet sources. Although company searches relevant material from the private database and always try to provide quality material to the client. If the customer wants to add some sources in the order, the company will encourage the customer to provide them accordingly after placing the order.

    • If deadline is 3 days or more: All instructions must be provided within 12 hours.
    • If deadline is between 24 to 48 hours: All instructions must be provided within 3 hours.

    If the customer fails to follow the instruction, it will result in violating the Company policies and forfeiture of any claim to be implied on the Company.

  6. 2.6. Matching the right Academic level: It is the customer’s responsibility to choose the correct academic level while placing an order. In this process if customer has chosen improper academic level the Company is not responsible for this mistake, as this will help us to select the writer according to the academic level selected by the customer. If the customer has placed an order and found error later on, it is the customer’s responsibility to inform us on immediate basis to correct the provided information.
  7. 2.7. Revision description must match Initial Order Details: The Company reserves the right to check the resubmit process from its Quality Assurance team and not to process it further if the requirement does not match with the original order placement details. The Failure to provide the original description or choosing the wrong product will charge additional payment to proceed with its revision.
  8. 2.8. The company can provide draft to customers on their request, but it can only be entertained if the order deadline is not between 24-72 hours.
  9. 2.9. Termination: The Company reserves the right to cancel any paid order(s) placed by the customer. This action can be implemented if the Company identify lack of communication or cooperation from the customer’s end or for any reason suitable for Company’s internal issues. The Company is not responsible for reimbursement on immediate basis, the quality assurance department will review the case independently and analysed the number of factors to make up the decision. The Company shall reserve the rights to finalise the decision and it is final.

3. Satisfaction Guarantee

The Company is passionate to deliver quality services to customers, and follow the 100% plagiarism free rule strictly. For the satisfaction of customer, Company includes following guarantees in their policy:

  1. 3.1. If the customer is not satisfied with the work, the Company will provide unlimited revisions according to our revision policy. In case if the required deadline to submit the document passed out due to revisions, the Company will not hold responsible.
  2. 3.2. If a customer failed in an exam or did not achieve selected grades, then the customer has to claim refund within 10 days after deadline given to us. Then our quality assurance department will consider your case and percentages will be decided on behalf of your marks and remarks from our expert’s team. If you fail to meet any requirement asked from quality assurance department, then we are unable to resolve the case. In case if 10 days passed out and you claimed refund after it, Company is not liable to issue it.
  3. 3.3. In case of plagiarism with huge percentage, customer must inform and claim for refund within 10 days after the order deadline. After 10 days, Company shall not be responsible for any loss. Also a refund percentage for plagiarised work is decided on plagiarism percentage and remarks from our quality assurance team.
  4. 3.4. After reviewing your case, if a company found that you are eligible for more than 70% refund, the Company will only issue maximum of 70% amount.
  5. 3.5. Company have straight policy that after placing an order, if service is rendered and completed first time, then Company is unable to issue any refund unless our work results in failure in exams or have plagiarism. For both failure and plagiarism, above mentioned refund policies will be applicable. Details: If customer finds any issue in work then customer can ask for unlimited revisions according to our revision policy. In-case customer is not getting satisfied after getting many revisions and then he/she claim for refund then we have straight policy that service is rendered already so we can not issue a refund. Still customer have choice to ask for change of writer or ask more revisions but point to mention here that Company and its writers work with dedication for helping students so they take all their measures to maintain best level of quality.
  6. 3.6. Any refund case related to satisfaction issues or any other issues will not be entertained after 15 days of delivery date according to order placement date selected by customer. In-case any customer’s date get exceed due to revisions then Company is not responsible for 15 days being passed out.

4. Revision Policy

  1. 4.1. The Company has provided free revision policy to satisfy all valuable customers until the customers satisfaction or until under given revision policies reached.
  2. 4.2. To receive the services of revision policy the customer has to place all queries in allocated time that is (20) days period after order completion date. In case of any assignment, dissertation, thesis proposal or research proposal which contains more than 5000 words, the Company has revised policy of (35) days to edit the task without any extra payment. If the customer has missed out the deadline of revision policy or after two to three revision that time get passed out then further work will be charged according to Company policy. In these 20 or 35 days, if customer is unable to reach a satisfaction level then either he/she have to pay more or either he/she can ask for refund according to refund policies.
  3. 4.3. In case of service type other then Research & Writing, Company will allow customer to ask for revision and mistakes fixing in a time period of 5 days after the delivery date.
  4. 4.4. The Quality assurance department reserves the rights to limit the number of revisions if the department found: the change in requirement of initial order details, obvious misuse of revision option or taking benefit to make changes in order to fulfil other requirements which are not mentioned previously while placing the original order.
  5. 4.5. If the original requirement differs from the revision, the quality assurance department has the authority to decline it. The company will happily revise those changes which meet the initial order requirement.
  6. 4.6. The Company have right to decline for any revision without providing any specific reason. Although it’s also a decision of Company to provide any reimbursement or not.

5. Refund or Money-back Guarantee

  1. 5.1. The Company shall not responsible or guaranteed any proofreading or formatting service will be free of plagiarism that is papers and other materials which are not written by our company writers will not be viewed or scanned on software. The Company shall not be responsible to pay back any amount in case of proofreading is considered to be plagiarised.
  2. 5.2. The customer will get a full refund if the Company fails to deliver the order on time. When company says “Full Refund”, it means that company will refund 90% of paid amount while placing the order. When any customer make payment, the payment processing company deduct approximately 10% of total amount as service charges & we received the remaining amount.
  3. 5.3. The customer has to write an email of refund claim to its assigned support staff member and then that member will transfer case to refund department.
  4. 5.4. In case if the task required more time to complete, the Company will inform the customer and asked for the extension for the deadline, after the confirmation of an extension, if the document is still not delivered on time the refund policy is applicable.
  5. 5.5. Customers with claim of plagiarism, failure or unsatisfactory work must read out the “Satisfaction Guarantee” section to claim their refunds.
  6. 5.6. The customer must reply back to the refund department in 72 hours via email and specify the valid reason. The Quality assurance department will consider it otherwise; the case will close, if there is no reply from the customer in the allocated time. In-case of no reply from customer till 10 days, we will close the refund case permanently and no refund will be issued further on that case.
  7. 5.7. The Company accepted the process of refund, if the customer provides the valid reason to claim it. The Quality assurance department will inquire the issue and ask for required documents from customer as per the case and after the investigation, a refund is processed for the same customer. The Quality assurance department has the right to decline the claim if it is not meeting the policy criteria. Our department also have right to decide percentages of refund after reports from their experts analysis. Also in-case of not providing required documents and answers to Quality Assurance department, Company reserve the right to cancel refund claim.
  8. 5.8. When the refund percentage finalises in any case, all the discounts given to that order will be waved off and deduct from refund percentage. For example, a customer gets 10% discount when placing the order. Afterwards customer claim for refund and the case goes in his favour also. Then whatever the refund percentage has been decided between company and customer, the 10% discount already given to customer at the time of order placing will deduct from the agreed refund percentage. Then remaining refund amount will be refunded to customer.
  9. 5.9. The company will not entertain any refund case when the order is paid partially.
  10. 5.10. After any refund issued by the Company, the customer has no right to claim for the document and Company reserve the right to publish, distribute or sell it to the third party. The customer is not authorised to use the particular product for future use or any other purpose.

6. Quality of Work

  1. 6.1. The Company members try their best to deliver work of high quality that customer does not fail in the examination. Although Company do not provide any passing or specific level guarantee as this service is purely for helping purpose.
  2. 6.2. The Company tries to follow the rule of providing 100% satisfied work so it’s Company’s guarantee to provide work till end under their described policies.
  3. 6.3. Company also guaranteed that they take every measure to make sure that the delivered work is 100% plagiarism free.
  4. 6.4. Company offers three quality levels includes Gold (equivalent to 1st class standard), Silver (equivalent to 2:1 standard) and Bronze (equivalent to 2:2 standard). Each quality level is connected to Company’s internal writer’s rating system. Gold level task will be assigned to writer who have gold ratings in our system and same as for other levels. If specific level writer is not available then upper categories writer can be assigned. In-case upper categories writer is also not available, then Company will make decision with mutual understanding with customer. This writer rating system is actually decided on many factors for maintaining best quality. Moreover, Gold level can achieve 1st class standard, same-way Silver can be equivalent to 2:1 standard. But still our Company do not guarantee specific level grades because it may depend on other circumstances.
  5. 6.5. The work will be delivered under the provided deadline from the customer and in case of extension the support staff will email and mention the reason of delay of work.
  6. 6.6. If any of above quality of working is in conflict then rules from our Satisfaction Guarantee will be applied.

7. Cancellation of Order

  1. 7.1. In case of cancellation of order, the client must inform the Company on immediate basis, e.g. if the processed deadline in order is (10) days, which means customer take the decision in 10% time limit that is 24 hours and must inform the Company within this 10% time.
  2. 7.2. We will charge 25% of the amount which is already paid, for the cancellation of any order. If the specified time duration i.e. 10% of deadline as per the 7.1 passes out and then we receive a request from customer to cancel the same order, we will refund 50% amount. If 40% time gets passed of deadline then there is no possibility of cancelling an order.
  3. 7.3. In case of order cancellation from company due to any reasons i.e.unavailibity of writer, client is unable to pay expert charges, task require use of any software that can’t be handled, or anything else, company will refund 90% of paid amount because we receive the same from payment processing company. If client thinks that his/her task has unusual requirements, we recommend to contact our 24/7 live support agent before placing an order.

8. Disclaimer of Breach

  1. 8.1. The customer will accept the agreement, which is a contract and Company will provide the services according to the agreement. The customer shall not allow breaking the contract or change the policy and any challenged will not accepted by the Company.
  2. 8.2. All the terms and conditions are accepted by the customer. The Company has the right to disqualify customer on breaking any rules and regulation mentioned in the policy.
  3. 8.3. Any disclaimer or any claimed will not be entertained until the proper verification process report issued from the Quality assurance department.

9. Amendments

  1. 9.1. The Company has the right to amend the policies, modify or change them without prior notice. The customer has to agree on the define terms and condition and bound by the policies currently visible on our website. It is advisable to review the Company policies time to time to get the latest update from the website.

10. Miscellaneous Provisions

  1. 10.1. Entire agreement: The agreement contains all the terms and condition between the Company and the customer. The policy is provided to understand the agreement and the customer is bound under the head of the agreement and all the data provided by the customer will keep confidential. The Company is always willing to provide quality services which will be based on agreed agreement.

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