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The Association between Thinking Intelligence and Creativity

Posted on: May 14th, 2017

When we describe thinking intelligence and creativity using a dictionary the meaning of the two words are completely different. Intelligence is the ability to acquire, understand and use knowledge. Creativity is the ability or power to create meaningful new ideas. Intelligence is the ability to understand concepts and later on recall them and utilise them. Creativity is the ability to come up with entirely new concepts. It compels the person to re-establish new concepts and ideas instead of just recalling previous concepts. It will be easier for a creative person to come up with new ideas for writing a good short story.

Defining the Different Types of Approaches to Intelligence

Let us look at how are thinking intelligence and creativity related. Howard Gardner contends that intelligence, specifically as it is conventionally defined, does not adequately include the wide variety of expertise humans display working while under pressure. In his view, a learner who masters mathematical concepts easily is not necessarily more intelligent, than one who struggles to understand mathematical concepts. The student struggling to understand mathematical concepts may:

Association Between Thinking Intelligence and Creativity

  1. Best understand the material through a different approach.
  2. Excel in a field outside of mathematics.
  3. Have a much more comprehensive and extensive perception of the topics discussed than it seems to be apparent. Their perception and understanding might be superior to the person who readily commits to memory these ideas at an insignificant standard.

Are Creative People Also Thinking Intelligently?

Certainly there are facets of thinking intelligence and creativity which do overlap. To quote Bill Gates, “you need to understand things in order to invent beyond them.” If you fail to understand basic scientific concepts of geography coursework how can you come up with new and original ideas for coursework writing? Creativity is the essence of invention and a person who has the knowledge to create an invention will obviously understand its basic concepts. It is hardly believable that a person who can come up with new ideas would not have simple reading, writing or arithmetic skills. Thus we come to the conclusion that creative people will be intelligent. But this does not necessarily mean that intelligence is a prerequisite to be creative.

Applications of Creativity and Intelligence in Student Life

For students it is equally important to be intelligent as well as creative. Some branches of knowledge require pupils to be more intelligent than creative. For example, mathematicians and scientists both have to be intelligent to understand concepts and to be able to apply them practically just like MHR Writers. To be creative means to come up with completely new ideas like the work of an architect or an engineer. Both these professions require both intelligence and creativity. A mathematical statistician on the other hand can work with just intelligence and without any creativity because his job is to observe and record. If you are a student try to determine your aptitude, some people will be more intelligent than creative and vice versa. Try to pursue a career which gives you internal satisfaction.


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