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Reasons to Start Blogging During Your Academic Life

Posted on: November 2nd, 2019

Blogging is an activity of the modern times that has become both a fruitful venture and an elevating hobby. It can prove to be very beneficial for people who decide to indulge in it. Blogging can be about anything and everything, whether it is an interesting life, parenting, traveling, cooking, gardening, celebrity gossip, or more.

Therefore, it is safe to say that there is something for everyone in this hobby, with no restrictions on gender, age, race, or nationality. People start blogs in all phases of their lives and gain a strong readership. In fact, students are encouraged to start blogging during their academic life, regardless of how short or long it may be.

10 Reasons Why Students Should Blog

There are multiple reasons as to why students should start blogging way before they have to enter their professional lives. Nonetheless, we will be describing the ten most common ones:

Improves Communication Skills and Expression

A blog is a medium people use to communicate with their readers and the rest of the world. This puts a lot of pressure on the blogger not to say anything that would be deemed offensive or unethical. In fact, their content needs to be engaging and well-written. This increases their style of communication, allowing them to express their thoughts more freely.

Furthermore, writing blog posts, especially ‘How-Tos,’ help in explaining our opinions, understanding, and knowledge on a particular topic, which helps in written assignments and tasks during our academic life.

Establishes Your Portfolio / Looks Good On The Resume

Blogging can do wonders for your resume. It will allow you to appear more professional, experienced, and committed to potential employers.

Also, blogging allows students to establish their portfolio in writing, which will help them in the long run if they take up writing, editorial, or journalism as a profession. They will have published samples to show their potential employers, along with analytics, to show the response each piece got.

Furthermore, many non-editorial jobs also require excellent written communication skills, such as home inspectors, critics, and managers. 

Improves Your Writing

This reason is a given. Posting content for the whole world to peruse over needs to be perfect down to the final dot. Checking, rechecking, and editing the content makes us see the mistakes we make in writing more clearly, allowing us to work on them.

Regularly posting on the blog will improve the thought process, writing speed, and sentence structure. Also, it will put you in the habit of writing, which will make writing assignments in college so less mundane.

Moreover, it will help you curate your own unique writing style. After all, practice makes perfect; and isn’t the thought of becoming a famous blogger and getting an ‘A’ on our essay an appealing idea?

Build Connections/A Network

Bloggers have the opportunity to create a strong following with their work, which helps them create a network on social media. Also, it can garner LinkedIn connections and allow you to meet others in the blogging community, whether online or at a bloggers’ convention.

Making strong connections can go a long way and can come in handy. Building a professional network can help you expand your opportunities, horizons, and knowledge. If you are stuck with an issue regarding your blog, you can seek advice from fellow bloggers in your network.

Paves A Career Path

Student bloggers can turn their passion into a profession by blogging full time. A blog needs at least a couple of years to take off. Therefore, if a student starts early, their blog will be stable and monetized by the time you get out of college.

Blogging is no longer part-time work, despite some still taking it as such. Blogging has the potential to become a full-time career. Moreover, even if you don’t want to pursue blogging as a career, it will give you experience for a job in publishing, journalism, or writing.

Provides Extra Money

Blogs can act as a way of earning extra income; however, a blogger needs to have a strong readership base for it. In order to create a strong readership base, a blogger needs to focus on the user experience and SEO strategy of their blog, along with promotions.

If you have the numbers to show, then monetizing the blog will become easier. You can rent out banners for advertising on your blog, can take on endorsements, indulge in influencer marketing, and can integrate Google AdWords to earn a few extra bucks.

Increases Knowledge

Blogging helps a person increase their knowledge base, mainly through research, and some through experience.

Creating a post that is knowledgeable and engaging requires necessary information on the topic being written on. This is only possible through thorough research compiled from various sources and even practical experience in some cases.

Nonetheless, blogging doesn’t just require you to have knowledge of the topics you are writing on, but also of how to run the blog. Running a blog is not possible without at least having some knowledge of online publishing, writing guidelines, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) requirements, and social media marketing techniques.

Promotes Self Expression and Boosts Self Confidence

Sharing your thoughts with the people around you sometimes feels intimidating, especially if you are worried they either won’t understand or will end up feeling hurt themselves. Yet, sharing what’s inside is necessary, or it becomes toxic, leading to mental health issues such as depression and anxiety.

Therefore, expressing our thoughts is essential. Also, it improves our self-confidence by not only making us feel lighter but by the kind comments and support garnered from followers.

Sharpens Brain Performance And Creativity

Blogging helps improve brain performance and creativity. A blogger learns how to connect the dots and understand concepts more quickly and easily.

Furthermore, presenting information through different ways, elevates creativity and mental capabilities.

A person’s creative skills are polished by curating original content, problem-solving, responding to feedback, and other things such as selecting the layout, images, and more.

Learn Marketing

Creating and running a blog requires a person to market the blog to increase readership through digital marketing. Social media marketing is an essential means of reaching out to a wider audience. Therefore, bloggers need to learn how to wield social media to their advantage.
This is an important skill to pick up, which will not only help students to establish an influential online presence but will also be of use in their professional life if they decide to take up a job as a social media marketer or if they start a business.


Blogging is a great activity that a student can indulge in during their academic life. This is entirely possible since blogging doesn’t require a fixed number of hours or timings.

Nonetheless, it is a commitment. Blogging helps students both personally and professionally. Personally, it helps develop determination, creativity, mental capabilities, communication, and expression.

On a professional level, blogging allows a person to create a robust online portfolio and network, polish writing skills, increase knowledge, develop social media marketing skills, and pave a career path in writing.

Thus, it is a good idea for students to start blogging while they are still in their academic careers.


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