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How to Be Confident and Realising Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Posted on: August 7th, 2017

Before we begin the discussion on how to be more confident, let us completely establish the definition of confidence. Confidence is the determination and conviction that a favourable outcome will develop regardless of the prevalent conditions. Self confidence is the belief and conviction in one’s own capabilities and competence. There is a fine line distinguishing how to be confident and being lucky. You can get lucky once or twice but not consistently. Confidence is required in today’s world in education, business and to even have a successful social life.

Mankind is naturally attracted to highly confident and exuberant personalities and starts to admire these characters, trying to copy each one of their actions. The first piece of business to represent a highly confident and fearless individual is posture. If you remember any personality which you have adored as you grew up and told you a short story, you will remember that they had great posture. They did not look like a hunchback, with slouching shoulders. To achieve a good posture stand straight as you walk. People who stay seated for long periods of time will have a problem with their posture. Sit in a chair in a posture ready to stand up without having to pull your shoulders forward before getting up. This will feel awkward at first if you sit long hours behind a desk. Look straight ahead with your head held high. Your chin should never be touching your neck.

How to be More Confident and Realising Your Strength & Weakness

One of the best ways of how to get confidence and deliver meaning to all of your actions is to maintain a diary. If you felt impressed by an individual, write a mentorship essay in your diary about that person. But before beginning to write about somebody else’s life write about yourself in the diary. The journal will improve self-esteem if you start by writing about your own strengths and weaknesses. Write about your positive character traits which others have identified and noticed about you. When you write about your weaknesses, write them all down. The weaknesses which others always tell you about and the ones which you already know exist should all be there. The justification to this is so that you can constantly keep improving your personality.

Everybody has a morning routine when they wake up. The first thing to include in that routine is that you observe nature in its glorious full form. Look out the window over the horizon to observe the beautiful sunrise or maybe you have some plants or a pet. The next order of business is to understand that thinking intelligence results creativity look at yourself in the mirror and put on a big smile. Say to yourself, “Today I am going to have a great day.”

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