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Students Guide on the Importance of Being Interesting

Posted on: July 6th, 2017

Magic has the importance of being able to grasp the attention of an astronomical amount of spectators all at once. There are different branches of magic. Each division displays mastery over a certain feature of the performance. The following is a breakup of the different categories of magic.

  1. Arcane
  2. Mental
  3. Elemental

The word arcane refers to that which is obscure, mysterious or something known or understood by a minority. The mental component has to do with the powers associated with the mind. It deals with the enormous power of the unconscious brain. Before the discovery of the molecules and atoms it was believed that all physical matter was made up of four basic elements, Earth (ghaya), Fire (pyr), Air (aeris) and Water. Some will add to that the power of the spirit also known Akasha as the fifth element as a part of the elemental group.

Student Guide on Importance of Being Interesting

Arcane Magic

The arcane realm is a mysterious realm. This is also referred to as “Black Magic”. There are very many different specialisations in this field. The people who specialise in a particular form learn how to write assignments only in the sphere which intrigues them. Let us look at the three distinct domains in this speciality.

  1. Evocation or Summoning: This is the process of contacting spirits or other paranormal entities. It could be the spirits of the dead or other worldly entities.
  2. Animation: This is the practice of bringing inanimate objects to life. It may be for a little while or a longer period depending on the skills of the person.
  3. Fusion: With this special power magicians can bind other worldly objects to human forms, giving them super powers or causing them great harm.

Depending on the expertise of the sorcerer they will use different somatic, elaborate hand gestures and meticulous movements to cast a spell. They may also use objects and provide new information to students like tips on writing a thesis.

Harnessing Mental Powers

The mind carries the importance of being a great wonder which science is still unravelling its true potential. In this field magicians use the mind to in a number of different ways. They can possibly control other objects or even creatures with this ability.

  1. Psychokinesis or Telekinesis: To influence objects, people or animals to move or float in mid air using your intellect.
  2. Projection or Representation: Broadcasting mental or physical images and emotions being interesting enough and the same.
  3. Harmonising: This is the capability to generate specific feelings or emotions on large crowds.
  4. Elenchus: Some might say that this is an evaluation essay technique ascribed to Socrates but this is also a method to determine the truth from falsehood.

Sorcerers with an expertise in these cognitive aptitudes may even combine more than one discipline to put on exquisite performances for intriguing audiences. If you are located in the UK you can find a magician to perform at your private party.

Elemental Sorcery

There are three basic forms of matter in nature, liquids, solids and gases. Wizards in this area interest also possess the finesse and proficiency over two additional forms of matter, fire and lightning.

  1. Aquakinesis: Complete command over liquids and water including the changes of state from solid to liquid to gas.
  2. Aerokinesis: The talent to control large amounts of gases, winds and even gusts to manoeuvre anything from the speed of the wind to its temperatures.
  3. Geokinesis: The potential to be able to propagate large stones and minerals and without causing harm to anyone. Performers might be able to sift through various minerals to reach the object of desire.
  4. Fulgurkinesis: Dexterity over electricity and lightning depending on the aptitude of the conjurer. In the beginning just a few light bulbs might be a part of the presentation, progressing further to be able to influence lightning.
  5. Pyrokinesis: Fire presents a staggering conundrum of obstacles when trying to be contained. Accomplished wizards do just that in this forte.

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