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Importance of Physical Education Along With Academics

Posted on: August 6th, 2019

With the recent advancement in learning systems of academics, many educational institutes are encouraging maintaining a balance between studies and physical activities. Physical education is essential for leading kids and youngsters towards a healthy lifestyle.

School life is all about fun and learns. However, it is associated with high levels of stress and anxiety. There are numerous researches that highlight the importance of physical activities in a student’s life as these activities are proven to improve the overall performance scores, memory and concentration. Also, being a book worm can make anyone’s life dull and static. Being involved in other activities boosts stamina that helps to increase intelligence and learning ability.

Shreds of Evidence

As shown in the picture, physically active kids have a more stimulated brain when compared to the brain of a child sitting quietly. Moreover, another study concludes test scores of physically active students were increased from 13% to 48% while, students improve fitness measure tests by 92% and cognitive abilities by 59%. Furthermore, university students who were gyming regularly had an increase in GPA by 35%.

Hence, whenever someone tells you that physical activity is useless and takes a lot of time and efforts, you can now show them all of the research and convince them. Undoubtedly, physical activity builds new brain cells and improves academics by enhancing intelligence and memory.

Despite reading the above statistics, you need more reasons? Let us give you five more to prove the importance of physical education with academics!

1. Healthy growth & development for nourishment

Eating junk and dense calorie unhealthy food is a common practice of students nowadays. Consumption of these fatty foods regularly can lead them to childhood obesity. These habits can further damage their health by prevailing chronic health issues later in life. Physical, educational activities at learning institutes can help them to prevent from overweight and obesity by burning extra calories. When the fat is not stored, the energy is consumed to make them alert and active.

In addition to the above benefits, physical activities play an essential role in healthy growth and development of bones and cartilages of children. Exercises such as jumping strengthen tendons and ligaments as well. Sports make muscles stronger while toning them to grow in good shape. It also enables kids to carry more weight and protect joints against injuries.

A physically active kid is a heart-healthy kid. Any activity that increases oxygen supply to muscles is an aerobic exercise, and aerobic exercises are cardiac friendly. Researches show that children who are physically active with at least 20 minutes activity thrice-weekly have a healthy heart compared to non-active kids. Hence, being physically active makes students strong, energetic, and healthy.

2. Prevents sleep deprivation to focus better

A night of good night sleep is essential for every individual to keep them happy and healthy. Being physically active requires getting a profound sleep daily. Having a deep and adequate amount of sleep makes kids more attentive and upright during academics this helps them from mistakes and boost energy to perform better in class, labs and exams. Hence, let your body crave for a night of better sleep is a good sign and provide it with a decent amount of sleep is a good habit.

3. Relieves stress & anxiety for a healthy brain

Schooling is hectic and comes with an enormous amount of stress and anxiety. So, keeping kids physically active helps to relieve anxiety and stress. Children may get under pressure due to low grades, a scold from the teacher, a fight with a classmate or just for a bad day. This type of stress makes them unable to focus on their academic performance and impacts their results negatively.

Physical education gives them a favourable environment to de-stress and breathe. As mentioned above, exercise increases oxygen to cells; it refreshes and relaxes the brain and makes it stress-free. A physically active kid is more likely to be happy and healthy. This boosts their self-esteem and makes them a better student and a helping fellow.

4. Improves focus and performance to get good results

Basal ganglion is a part of the brain that is responsible for maintaining the ability to concentrate and focus. In today’s digital era, students have a lot of distractions in the form of Mobile phones, tablets, PCs, TV, internet etc. Hence, it is tough to get focused on studies much. Several pieces of research prove that physical activity helps to grow and keep functioning basal ganglion in the brain. That is the reason many educational institutes arrange physical games that helps to improve concentration and memory. Therefore, encouraging and engaging students in physical exercises will help them to maintain a focus on functioning brain and body.

5. Enhances flexibility & happiness for stability

Physical activities like stretching and climbing improve the sense of balancing and flexibility that reduces the chances of injuries. Those kids who practice these kinds of physical activities regularly become flexible in their routine life. It makes muscles more elastic and thus promotes balance in physical and mental workload.

Studies prove that physical education in young age promotes and improves neuronal connections in the brain. Neurons if well connected and healthy are responsible for taking care of thinking and processing ability. Neurotransmitter enhances the desire of craving for sports and initiates hormonal balance to keep them happy and positive.

Before You Go

Many educational institutes have made physical education as an integral component of their curriculum. The initiative is being taken to boost up concentration, focus and performance while maintaining a healthy growth and development by nourishing physical and mental health of kids. Thanks to the available evidence, the fact is now proven that physical activities are essential to keep kids happier and healthier along with academics.

Lastly, it is not enough to just make kids involved in physical activities by themselves. Parents and teacher play an essential role in their life by modelling good things and inspiring them to continue those habits later on in their lives. Hence, we strongly recommend them to take part in these activities with kids to have some lifetime memories while training them to take care of themselves.


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