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Being Healthy Is Being Successful

Posted on: August 2nd, 2019

When we visualize the most successful and inspiring personalities in the world, they keep a variety of traits. These traits and habits help them to become the way they are, including confidence, knowledge, positivity and charisma. However, along with soft skills and mental eternity, they have some healthy physical routine to keep them fit. Most of them are not obese and follow an uncompromised gym routine with a healthy diet. Moreover, they are not shy to share these habits with their fans.

We have numerous examples of these kinds of people like Barak Obama and Michelle Obama. Both of them incorporate healthy foods in daily meals along with a 45 minutes workout session at 5 am every morning. Weatherman Roker eats protein smoothie in breakfast with a 30 minutes’ walk every day. Moreover, Anna Wintor (editor in chief Vogue Mag) and Gwyneth Paltrow (famous American actress) practice yoga and play tennis with a weekly schedule to keep them in shape and advocates clean eating as well.

These people have boosted themselves to achieve incredible accomplishments, and their healthy habits are helping them with it. Hence, anyone who has a successful lifestyle is benefited from being more youthful as a contributing factor. It also helps you to manage studies with your jobs.

Research Supports Link Between Health & Success

When we look at all the above examples, we can see success stories linking to the evidence of being healthy and being successful. Many studies have concluded that healthy habits and success of achievements and goals go parallel.

A study conducted by the CDC found that students got considerably high academic achievements when they were kept on a healthy diet. They were having breakfast with healthy foods regularly hence were more likely to succeed academically and socially when compared to students having poor nutrition.

Another study conducted by the University of Georgia concludes that people who exercise or participate in physical activity daily are more confident, positive, focused, and achieve life objectives. They also get the data of 1300 people who were earning upwards of $100,000 annually about what factor helped them to stay focused and 75% of them agreed with the fact that physical fitness and healthy diet plays an essential role to drive them for keep going.

Therefore, the above studies make the perfect sense that a healthy lifestyle supports success and achievements. There is strong evidence, and we have seen some inspiring examples of the world’s most beloved celebrities to prove it as well.

The management at Urban Naturale strongly believes and encourages their employees saying; “If you are seeking to achieve some goals in life, the most practical thing you can do is to follow you ideal’s habits”. Start with a light routine of workout or walk and gradually increase the intensity along with healthy eating options to get included in your meal plans.

If you are still concerned, let us give you six reasons for being healthy is successful, to start today!

1. It increases productivity

Successful entrepreneurs are obsessed with being productive. Eating a healthy diet with exercise boots up your metabolism and gives a permanent increase in baseline energy levels. This sticks you up with an adequate supply of energy throughout the day to be productive.

2. It reduces stress levels

Being a person of objectives make you have constant stress and anxiety. Workout and nutrient-dense foods help to lower depression, anxiety and stress levels that lead you to have better results while building something.

3. It improves memory

Healthy activity is proven to reduce inflammation in your body and brain, along with stimulating the release of growth factors to protect our cells from damage. It boosts your memory and strengthens your thought processing. Take a 30 minutes’ walk every morning to accelerate your mood, energy and consciousness.

4. It helps in smart decision making

Sometimes you waste a lot of time thinking of a matter and are unable to make a decision. Then hours later, you tell yourself to be focused. Well, being healthy can help you with smart decision making as well. It recharges your batteries. Moving more can enhance blood flow to your brain, increasing oxygenation and stimulating your power of intelligent thinking.

5. It slows ageing

Skipping meals often or having quick junk meals with dense calories accelerates the process of ageing. They also increase the chances of getting chronic health issues like diabetes, cardiac disorders, neurological conditions and even cancers. In other words, being fat cannot just get you out of shape but also fastens your ageing process, and that’s why everyone needs to eat healthily and move regularly.

6. It helps you with a positive attitude

When everything in your life starts to go smooth and satisfying, it initiates a positive attitude with you. It’s natural to feel good and prosperous when things are just perfect. Hence being active and eat right will make your personality attractive, wise and more profound. In fact, everyone, including yourself, are going to notice that positivity.


It’s not easy to perform hard at peak levels of your life; you feel exhausted, tired, and sick. Investing in your wellbeing is fruitful to keep yourself happy while achieving your goals smartly. To keep yourself at best, start with simple healthy habits today to enjoy your rise to the sky.


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