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6 Updated Techniques to Improve Memory Naturally

Posted on: August 14th, 2018

Our most frustrating limitation on an everyday basis is probably the nature of our memory. Given the amount of information we absorb every minute of every day, we naturally tend to forget most of it. However this limitation can become a serious problem for us if we are unable to recall important information at any point in our educational or professional lives. To help you with this problem here are six natural techniques to improve your memory:

6 Updated Techniques to Improve Memory Naturally

  1. Take the Right Diet
  2. Improving your memory naturally starts off with putting consuming the right ‘brain foods’ in your biological systems to work more efficiently. There are several such healthy foods that can help you enhance your focus by stimulating your cognition and improving your ability to recall memories. For example, foods like Avocados, Blue Berries and Beetroots are known to stimulate blood flow to the brain and improve concentration to remember things better. A similar role is also played by the right quantity of water intake as hydrating the brain also improves the blood flow towards it.

  3. Stop Multitasking
  4. Since we are often occupied by a barrage of thoughts at all times it is inevitable for our mind to wander off its course after every few minutes or even seconds. Amidst this struggle we reduce our chances of remaining focused even more if we begin to multitask. Multitasking reduces the capacity of the brain to remember things clearly as we are pouring a lot of information inside at the same time. So instead of trying to write your report while simultaneously checking your Twitter feed try to allot specific timings for doing particular activities so that you will retain the information, that you are getting, better in your memory.

  5. Play challenging Brain Games
  6. The impact of technology on education has been tremendous, especially with the invention of educational and productive games online that help you improve your memory. However, you can also focus on playing more manual games like Crosswords, Sudoku, Chess and solving complex puzzles. Such games not only help improve your focus but also allow you to ‘rehearse’ various complicated moves at all times to increase the level of brain activity. The idea is to stimulate the brain as much as possible in order to train it to be more active and responsive when you are trying to recall memories.

    Techniques to Improve Memory Naturally - Play Challenging Brain Games

  7. Get enough sleep
  8. A little known fact about the human memory is that most of it is consolidated in our minds while we sleep. As soon as you learn something, give yourself a break or try to take a nap instead of moving onto other things that you have to learn. When you sleep your mind you tend to relax your focus so your mind has enough time and capacity to consolidate all that you have previously learned. So to improve your memory, you have to get a good night’s sleep every single day and even try to squeeze in afternoon naps every now and again.

  9. Exercise Regularly
  10. If you are constantly troubled by a poor memory on a daily basis, the chances are that you are not exerting yourself enough physically. Exercising regularly can help improve your memory as it increases the flow of oxygen and blood towards your brain. In addition to keeping the brain sharp and focused, exercise also helps reduce the risk of a number of memory-loss related diseases such as diabetes.

  11. Reduce your workload
  12. A faltering memory can also be a sign that you are over-exerting your brain. So in order to improve your memory you need to control your workload. If you are a student, make use of online writing services to complete your coursework instead of spending countless unproductive nights over it. If you are a professional try to manage your office hours to make a less stressful routine. In any case, work towards a more healthy and balanced lifestyle to keep your memory sharp and agile.


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