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A Complete Guide to Prepare For Exams

Posted on: June 8th, 2019

Student life is so cool. Isn’t it? You are free to do anything; you play and enjoy moments before entering the life of responsibilities. But wait! What about exams? You need to go through the exam season with a huge burden.

Final weeks are in complete stress for every student either school, college or graduate. Make sure you are prepared for your exams well.

But how?

How to cope up with the long syllabus, out of one’s mind topics and secure good grades.

“Exams are not stressing, grades are.”

Here are some study tips that will help you to be calm throughout the exams, manage stress and score high.

1. Leave the habit of procrastination

Procrastination leads to unaccomplished tasks. Easier tasks left undone turns to difficult impossible tasks. Get yourself a habit of doing things then and there. If you leave things to be studied on the very last days you are likely to not understand things better because of stress. This leads to more stress and you’ll fail a test. Studying beforehand and time to time helps to be free of stress and be confident with what you know.

2. Organize study space

A place where you won’t get bored plays a crucial part. If you’ll sit on a messed up table, full of extra stuff, huge piles of book. They will scare you and you’ll be distracted from studies. Organize a study table or area where you’ll keep you essential stationery, some notes, required books, journals and a notepad for flowchart helps.

3. Plan your study schedule

Education is not just about mugging up but learning things. The real purpose of education in the modern world is only to gain marks rather than focusing on the concepts. Plan your schedule so that you do not cram things up. You need to set a map which will let you understand the number of topics to be covered and the time required for each one. Creating a schedule and focusing on it will help you understand things before time. When the concepts are clear there is no chance to be afraid of the exam sheet.

4. Take Notes

Notes help a lot when you are focused on studying and you have everything prepared. Taking notes is not difficult with the right tips. All you need to do is be consistent throughout the year, so you don’t have to rush to your friend’s home for notes and as well you won’t need you’re messed up lecture journal to be reviewed. Note down all those points that are necessary for speedy preparation. Your notes should be in an order and it’s better to write down points not only from lectures but books and study guides too.

5. Important ones first

Important topics should be covered on the go. First of all, evaluate the most important topics in the course. Understand their concept and then move forward toward the book reading of the same topics. Then towards topics that are likely to be the part of MCQ’s. Have a look at the least important ones in the last.

6. Stay motivated

Motivation is the key to focused studies and consistent learning. Keep a track of what you want from life, and how a certain exam will be another level achieved in the game of success. It gets really difficult to stop yourself from distractions in a world of on the go web access. Evaluate what you want from life and you are good to go.

7. Take breaks

You won’t be able to learn everything in one sitting. Balance is the key, and it is necessary to reward yourself with short breaks during studies. Instead of sitting idle or roaming around social media, it’s better to have a healthy meal which will keep you motivated. Or else read some quotes to stay focused towards your goal. Make sure to not touch your phones, because this way you will lose your consistency.

8. Quiz yourself

Quizzing yourself helps to evaluate how much time a question will consume to attempt and you can speed up your writing if it takes too long. As well it helps you learn from your mistakes. A mistake you make in your self-test is likely not to be repeated in the final exams. You can evaluate your lacking and work as required to overcome them. This way you will become confident and stress-free.

9. Reward yourself

Rewarding yourself is another great technique to stay motivated. After every chapter, you complete learning to treat yourself with a short game session or either has some coffee. Or maybe you can go with some chocolate or your favorite dessert. Rewarding helps you accomplish more.

Exams can be stressing but it’s not difficult to fight them with bravery by a better understanding of topics. Do not cram things. But with the right time and scheduling of studies, you can do well and achieve good grades.

“Prove yourself to yourself, not to others.”


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