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5 Different Pattern of Essay Writing Accepted in Institutes

Posted on: August 10th, 2017

Using even the best online learning tools there are several factors which scholars must look out for when writing an essay. Different projects will have different requirements for the writing to follow a distinct pattern of essay writing in English. Each pattern of essay writing will give preference and precedence to different factors in the authorship process. In some cases, institutes will have specific demands determining which pattern for essay writing to follow for example in an evaluation essay. In other cases, the students may be able to choose from a wide variety of essay patterns for the composition.

When writing an essay to satisfy academic constraints for the composition scholars must decide which technique to use according to the assigned subject. Some topics will evoke a certain specific essay writing services technique due to its individuality. Let us have a deeper look into all the different writing techniques which can be applied to produce a piece of lexicography.

Different Pattern of Essay Writing Accepted in Institutes

Spatial Organisation Structure

This technique is best applied when describing specific habitats or dwellings. This technique employs the vast usage of prepositions to give a vivid and clear description of the surroundings and circumstances in existence in that location. There will be directional cues for the reader in this form of writing which will explain the exact order of location of where each object and character lies within the setting. If the writing guide for students designated by the institute demands the writer to present a description of a specific scene this technique is the most ideal for the purpose.

Cause and Effect Configuration

As the name suggests this type of essay is used to relinquish information to the reader. It will provide information of what events will concur if a certain stimulus is applied to the current state of affairs. Precise logic will be defined by the author giving appropriate references, as required, to present information of the next series of events which will follow a given impulse. It will administer information as well as propound reasoning related to each incitement. If a certain evocation leads to more than one consequence, all of its culminations must be comprehensively propounded. This form of writing is often used to describe particular processes as is the case in psychology essays to understand the matter at hand.

Chronological Structure

The order of events occurring is of primary significance in this form of writing. There are certain works and sections of writing which must be written completely in chronological order. A good example of this is a history book, the bibliography section or legal case studies. All of these works will describe a sequence of events in the order of the time they occur. Chronological order must be implemented on two levels. First, each paragraph must have a noticeable and well defined beginning, middle and end. Secondly, the entire work also needs to follow a definite pattern of chronological order. This type of writing can be used to impart detailed directions to complete a task.

Classification Essay

This composition will divide the main subject in to sub-categories. Writing needs to follow an understandable and logical structure. The main categories will be set forth first. The further subdivisions will be propounded in order of importance. The writer should indicate if any classification has significance on its own apart from the whole. Writers can use bullets or a numbered list pattern to categorise the main subject.

Compare and Contrast Enterprise

This type of discourse is often used to compare two or more different yet inter-related subjects. It will circumscribe the similarities between the two topics, if there are any. It will also articulate the numerous discrepancies between the two topics. Before beginning the comparison it is advisable to define the limits and boundaries of the subjects under comparison then begin the analysis.


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