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Developing a Customer-Centric Ecommerce Store to Boost Sales

Posted on: March 30th, 2020

With stores like Shopify making it easier for people to have their very own eCommerce store, it is not surprising that you reached this blog in search of ways to start one of your own.
We are currently living in a digital era. With Millennials having grown up and taken over the world as thriving new adults, it is high time we turned to technology in almost every aspect of our lives. Shopping and retail is one such aspect. With rapid advancements happening in the domain, soon enough majority of the bigger corporations and new entrepreneurs would be seen embracing the all-new Digi-change.
According to recent statistical publications, it is estimated that by the end of the year 2020, there would be a whopping 2.05 billion digital buyers all over the world. These figures suggest a great opportunity for you all who are planning to have an online store up and running because that definitely is a lot of potential customers.

  • But how do you reach and engage with them for rightful success in business?

Six effective ways to build an ECommerce store

Here are a few tips and tricks to ensure the best onsite customer experience to increase sales for your eCommerce store in no time. 

Optimize your site for mobile usage

One thing you need to be clear on is that the traditional realms of shopping and retail have significantly changed. You should not expect to hit up your customers at a ripened time when they are back from work and might browse your site. Now everything happens on the go, and that is why analytics will tell you that the majority of your sales are happening through phone purchases. Somewhat impulsive buyers these days, browse whatever they are looking for and conduct purchases online through their smartphones. It is why your website needs to be optimized for smartphone and mobile usage.

Understand your customer’s expectations

Many times online eCommerce stores are too focused on their own business goals more than focusing on being customer-centric. It is a good enough approach if you have established yourself with your customers and have created a substantial client base over time. However, if you are just starting up, then it is better first to understand what your customers expect from you. For example, you are a web design and web development site called OpenSensLabs. Then before starting off and offering your services, you would have thoroughly researched that under your business domain, what your clients would expect from you, and worked from that point forward.

Develop engagement ways on social media

Social media is your best friend. It is less likely for someone to specifically choose your site, having no prior knowledge of it. However, they can come across a post highlighting your brand name, the services you provide, and other viable information that may potentially entice them or provide a link back to your website. It is why never undermine the power that social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have for increasing sales.

Implement ways for customer retention

There are many ways to have loyal customers and then to retain them as you consistently continue to deliver quality products. Other than just providing good products and services:

1. You can incentivize purchases by offering discounts on bulk purchases.

2. Give coupons and discount codes on holidays and special events.

3. Gamify the process of sales conversion for the customer.

4. Offer subscription-based methods to shop.

5. Highlight your top loyal customers by offering a gold card or special features.

Align your approach with current market trends

Whichever market or industries your business is a part of, you need to stay updated with its trends and analytics. Consumer behavior mainly depends upon how the market trends are working. Many customers will impulse purchase things if that particular product is in trend even if they don’t have the actual need for it. Many businesses tend to garner high profitability by offering relevant products and services.

Make the most of your customer feedback

There are many automation platforms available like Rocketium that would align your feedback, comments, likes, shares, and other online responses for you to collect the data for analysis that is the real power of having consumer feedback. Never forget that the customer is king. If you won’t make your customers happy, it is highly likely you’ll be failing in your business strategy. It is why value customer feedback to know what you are lacking and work to make it better. Similarly, double down on what seems to be working and focus on it for increased sales.


All in all, providing quality products and services and promoting it correctly as per the current online trends is the best way to go about increasing your eCommerce sales.


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