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5 Positive Impacts of Recent Technology on Modern Education

Posted on: August 7th, 2018

The turn of the century has seen technology revolutionise the experience of gaining an education. Long gone are the days when people had to sift through dozens of books in the library or spend hours writing assignments by hand. Tasks that used to take days to finish are now done within a couple of minutes. In a similar vein, here are 5 positive impacts that recent technology has had on modern education:

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  1. Wide range of Research
  2. Modern technology like laptops, phones and tablets ensure that students have all the resources of research that they need at the click of a button. The kind of research that the Internet provides to a modern student is unmatched in terms of its range and depth by any library in the world. The Internet also makes it fairly easy to judge the quality and authenticity of any piece of research for the student. Nowadays, students also have the option of availing excellent online assignment writing services which can allow them to save time and be more productive with other tasks. For example, if you are unaware of how to structure a dissertation, you can simply use such services whereas in the past you might have had to read several books about it or physically try to seek the help of tutors.

  3. Global communication
  4. The invention of telecommunications applications such as Skype, Whatsapp and Viber allow students to gain an education online from anywhere in the world. Online courses taught by teachers from all across the globe allow modern students to develop skills without having to leave the comfort of their home. In addition to an access to this education, students can also interact with a wide global community of students on online forums which makes the process of learning more dynamic than it has ever been. This provides students with more global perspectives relevant to their learning programs and can be even more productive than a normal classroom-based education system.

    Global communication

  5. Preparation for future
  6. The modern generation of students not only desires more use of technology in the classroom but also needs it. The impact of technology on education has been such that working with gadgets and software in classrooms now prepares them for future careers. For example, learning how to operate in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint is now taught at middle school level to start equipping children with real and practical skills. This means that by the time they enter the job market they are already well in tune with the basics of software operations and other related skills. This allows students to invest more time in developing and polishing their IT skills so that they prove to be more productive.

  7. Interactive teaching and learning
  8. Teachers nowadays aim to make learning more interactive through the use of modern devices. Instead of lecturing on a board they effectively make use of informative videos and podcasts from relevant resources online. Multimedia demonstrations are also now a regular part of the modern-day classroom sessions, which helps develop more of an interest in learning on the student’s part. Moreover, teachers send their students productive online games and activities that are both educational and interesting for the students to execute on their laptops or phones.

    Interactive teaching and learning

  9. Inclusive learning
  10. One of the most essential impacts of recent technology on modern education has been that of the promotion of inclusive learning. Modern-day students are no longer hindered by physical disabilities in their education. Teachers make use of closed-captioned videos, flexible formatting, text-to-speech and speech-to-text software in order to provide disabled students with as productive a learning experience as possible. This means that students who are physically disabled no longer have to get left behind in their educational pursuits simply on the basis of their disability. Modern technology is also continuing to make positive strides by developing online programs and software that can help even mentally challenged students in their education.


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