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Tips for University Students to Earn Through Blogging

Posted on: March 30th, 2020

Are you a college student?
Are you looking for a gig to earn that extra buck?
Are you relatively good at writing?
If your answer to the questions mentioned above is in affirmation, then what are you waiting for, you have reached the right place. Blogging is your best chance at starting your very own gig and earning your deserved extra buck without having to ask your parents for it.
According to statistics published, it is estimated that by the year 2020 ends, there will be an approximate 32 million bloggers worldwide. These figures suggest that they are on the rise, and there is a global increase expected in the number of bloggers just within a year.
Blogging is a relatively more comfortable side venture, especially for students. It is not only easier to maintain but can be just as easily monetised without requiring any legal licensing or documentation.

Six Effective Tips & Tricks for Students to Earn from Blogging

Therefore, here are a few useful tactics that can help you monetise your blogging and put your writing skills to good use.

Choose a trendy and profitable topic

Blogging is a whole industry of its own. According to Visual.ly, there are 152 million blogs on the internet as of 2019. Now with such a profound number of content available for free and easily accessible to everybody, it is difficult to make your mark. However, the best way to do that is to enter the market with a bang. Find what is trending these days and is the most talked about topic on the internet. Writing for a trending topic and adjusting your writing to suit all types of topics, whether lifestyle, politics, or reviews, is a great way to get the most profit out of your content.

Take advantage of affiliate marketing

A handy monetisation tool for your blogs, affiliate marketing, works by adding affiliate links within your content text. The blogger makes a small amount of commission sometimes fixed through a contract, every time a reader clicks on the link to get to the recommended site, which usually denotes a product or a service site. It is entirely acceptable because when you direct your potential traffic to a recommended product or website, you get the commission as an advertiser of the particular brand. Many major eCommerce platforms like eBay, Apple, and Amazon have their dedicated affiliate programs to cater to many bloggers like you.

Get on top of your SEO game

According to Google Analytics, almost 100 billion monthly searches are made from mobile devices. So imagine missing out on such a great opportunity just because your blog site was not optimised for mobile device searches. It is why before you head out with your blogs, make sure your webpage is optimised for all types of searches, whether it comes down to smartphones, voice searches, or keywords. Nowadays, people require the content on the go. They don’t have time to sit and search through. It is why even the search terms have become relevant based on conversational queries than specific keywords that used to drive SERP and place your blog site accordingly.

Offer additional services

Now that you embraced the writer in you, why just stick to maintaining your own blog? Move on to providing other services like:
1. Writing as a guest blogger for other websites
2. Writing reviews and about personal experiences with products
3. Offering Story services
4. Giving SEO advice and services
5. Conduct researches for brands

Maintain a substantial social media presence

A robust presence on social media is like validating proof of your existence as a reputable blogger. Have an active social media profile is like the flip side of the same coin. No matter what profession you have chosen, what gig you start, or what side venture you begin. Social media will not only advertise for you but market your skills for your potential clients who can then be convinced to work with you based on how active and relevant your Facebook page or Instagram profile was. It even allows you to become a social media influencer and communicate a team while you gain popularity over time, which has its own benefits.

Do paid and sponsored content

Last but not least, after having acquired all the above steps, it is definite that you would have created your name in the blogging market. Now you can easily quote a price to the brands you choose to work with. Putting a price tag for your skills becomes relatively easy once the brands can see that people value your word of mouth. You can then ask them to pay you for reviewing their products and do sponsor content for talking about their products and services.

Bottom Line

All in all, always remember that studies come first. If anything starts hindering your growth as a student, you can always push it down from your priority list and keep studies first. Similarly, if you find that maintaining a blog is taking a toll on your education, make a schedule and stick to it.


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