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Best Open Source eLearning CMS for Academic Services

Posted on: November 23rd, 2019

An efficient content learning management is an essential tool for eLearning. It may seem to be expensive when looking for a versatile and robust CMS that can accommodate a variety of development needs. Moreover, it can offer a dynamic and flexible open-source eLearning content management system for academics. However, they are essential to managing open source learning without making a hole in your pocket. Below are the 12 best open source eLearning CMS to enhance your leaning skills


eFront is one of the best open-source CMS for academics. It has a variety of excellent tools and functionalities to create, assess, collaborate and analyze different academic modules. It works as a standalone platform to deploy on the user’s own server. The module gives users an opportunity to integrated add-ons and learning courses on mobile devices as well. Hence, it saves the trouble of creating everything from scratch.


Moodle is a popular open-source CMS today. It features learner tracking, dashboard and multimedia support. This gives an ability to create responsive online courses and integrate third-party plugins. Additionally, for those who want to sell their eLearning courses online to bulk students, Moodle features pairing with PayPal to make buyer’s checkout process smooth and straightforward. 
The tool offers the standout for a user community. Unlike many available open-source CMS solutions, users can get quick responses to their queries by accessing their online customer support database along with downloading pre-designed courses on a number of subjects to save time and energy. The CMS is quite complicated for new users; however, mastering the art of using is worthy of getting total design freedom. 


ILIAS holds the distinction of being the very first open-source content management system having SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 compliant. Undoubtedly the system is scalable, versatile and flexible, and it has all the major selling points of an ideal academic management. Moreover, it can multiply usage as a full-fledged collaborative eLearning platform to allow users to share and communicate with their respective teams with an exchange of documents with a single click. It is free of cost for all learning organizations and tutors as well as for large scale educational organizations despite the number of users. If an institute has hundreds or thousands of users, the module can save up to premium versions as well. 


Dokeos is an ideal eLearning CMS for those looking for pre-built course elements. It offers open-source CMS options up to five users for free. It provides with a variety of eLearning templates and course authorizing tools to let users create rapid eLearning. Their resource centre has a wealth of useful knowledge including blogs, video tutorials and step by step guides to walk users through processes. The interface of the program is intuitive and user-friendly; hence, it is a perfect match for new professionals or even for those users who don’t like to go through a steep curve for learning. 


One of the positive impacts of technology on learning is exceptionally amazing functionality offered by an open-source eLearning CMS named Sakai with great features. The software includes security management, performance improvements, tracker dashboard and an easy to use document sharing portal for tutors and students. It is ideal for backups and remote learning management. 


Claroline is an excellent open-source eLearning content management system for academic services. It is used to deploy a dedicated online collaborative platform easily. Claroline gives a free hand to users to create, and share a variety of learning material with its unique templates and group study features. 


A-tutor boasts a number of essential features ranging from file storage to email notifications for users which makes it a useful open-source learning management system. The most prominent highlight of the software is it is easily accessible and user-friendly. The ideal approach makes it the perfect match for the newbies of the eLearning design and development world. It has a wide range of themes to select and accelerate course development process along with file backups, assessment tools, pool integration and analytics. 


At OLAT, it’s all about being passionate about training and learning. OLAT stands for “online learning and training”. It is an adequate open-source CMS specifically designed to fulfill the customized needs of high education institutes and universities. Its specifically designed features make it among the topmost options for learning to masses. 


Eliademy is entirely free for eLearning facilitators and educators. However, an affordable fee is charged for using its premium version. It comes with a wide range of features including eLearning assessment tools, course catalogues and an assessable android application specially designed for tutors who want to develop a mobile learning module for students. The feature makes it an ideal choice for on the go learners. Facilitators can simply upload to share course material which is available to audiences immediately as long as learners have shared their emails.  


From detailed reporting to skill gap analysis, Forma LMS is packed with an array of useful features. It gets users competency management support, certification and number of variable virtual classroom management tools. They include event managers and lecture planners. The program is certainly an ideal platform for corporate management training like Daily Vanguard. It comes with an active online learning community where users can get tips, tricks, advice and the most imagined out of an open-source LMS. 


We can assure that an Opigno is not going to disappoint you as it has all the essential features including class calendars, certificates, authority tools, online forums and eLearning assessments along with video galleries as highlights. The site software is based on Drupal and hence can virtual training programs as well with a recommended site management as per Redirects. It can track student’s skill progress and can integrate e-commerce using just a single tool with all in one capability. It provides instant messaging, online surveys and Chatbots for great collaboration and real-time feedback. 


Last but not least; OpenOLAT comes with learner dashboard and social learning integration apart from many convenient CMS solutions. Users can get a class calendar, bookmarks, email notifications, certifications and file storage. As a comprehensive eLearning tool, it can be run on a variety of devices with a broad range of browsers to make it market compatible. 

Try the above, open-source eLearning CMS for academic services and let us know your experiences. All the best!


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