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Smart Ways to Enhance Your Learning Skill

Posted on: September 2nd, 2019

We keep learning new things every day. The learning process involves experimenting with new concepts and designs to comprehend the latest theories. People who follow the learning process find it easier to understand and recall new ideas and information. The following applications are structured to help students employ educational methods to comprehend unfamiliar principles.


In 2010 a few university students developed a cloud-based learning system. The application allows teachers to create classrooms. Students can participate in those classrooms. A maximum of 50 students can participate in a Socrative Free Classroom. Overall this application is an excellent application to use if you only want to deliver quizzes.

At the moment, the quizzes cannot incorporate videos. The application gives both teachers and students an interactive method to assess a learner’s level of understanding in a particular subject. In the paid version of the app, students have the option to raise their hand to get the attention of the teacher. This application can be an excellent guide to prepare for exams with the help of a teacher.


If your studies involve the linking together of different types of images and videos, ThingLink is the application for you. ThingLink can help you organize all of your pictures if you are pursuing a career as an architect or fashion designer.

ThingLink is a convenient tool if you want to create presentations. You can interconnect audio, images, and videos from all over the internet to include in your presentation. You can convert bland graphs and presentations into persuasive information with the help of 360° videos. Teachers can use this software to compose presentations to help students understand new theories.


If you are managing a job with studies, Grammarly is the app you will use quite often to make sure your resume contains industry-standard language. This app can be used to proofread documents. Before you begin proofreading, designate what type of composition you are correcting. Grammarly provides assistance making sure your writing matches your audience.

The software helps corroborate that you are using the appropriate referencing method depending on the purpose of the report. Spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes are a thing of the past with Grammarly. You can check for plagiarism with this tool if you want a unique composition each time.


The founders of cK-12 believe that each student is unique. To be a functional member of society as grown-ups, children need to have primary education. Some students have the best talents, but they are not able to afford excellent schooling. cK-12 delivers free knowledge for all students to help them become a productive member of society.

Students who have the desire to study but not the money can register for free at cK-12. It is advisable to read the entire terms of use before signing up to get an understanding of how the system works. Besides the regular subjects, students can use the app to learn new languages.


If you want to produce a lengthy book report or a dissertation, Annotate is the app for you. Annotate is an outstanding tool if more than one authors are designated for a writing task. If the authors have writer’s block or do not understand how to accomplish a particular assignment, they can get help from the Live Chat option.

This software effortlessly combines with other educational software such as Blackboard, Canvas, or Moodle. Teachers can use this software to explain new concepts with examples, illustrations, and representations to several students at the same time. The best part is that students can qualify for special discounts.

Device Daily

Device Daily is one of the best websites available today, that keeps you updated with advanced technology and the devices that are being made. If you are a tech-geek, it will be the best website to look for.

Moreover, it is divided into different categories where you can search for technologies related to cars, food industry, gardening, phones, intelligent glasses, etc.


Participate™ was initially known as EduClipper. Participate™ came into existence in 2013 and came to be known as the “Pinterest of Education.” The website has PowerPoint presentations, PDF’s, images, and videos. With Participate™, you can bookmark the tools for future reference.

Users can create buttons of their favourite material on their page. Those connections can be sorted in any manner of choosing by the student or teacher. Learners or teachers can then share that information with their colleagues. The best part is that the webpage has a huge list of product certifications. The companies which the site is associated with endorse these certifications.


Scribble is one of the easiest to use tools on this list. With the Scribble tool, you can highlight relevant text on a particular webpage, PDF, or image file and link your notes or text with it. If the website is a piece of educational work, you can highlight part of the writing and include your remarks with it.

If the webpage contains multiple files which you want to be able to refer to later on, you can save those files to your profile. You can share partial text from a resource. If your friends reply to any of your messages, you can see their messages in real-time.


Ted-Ed presents videos on a wide variety of different topics. Ted-Ed recommends videos according to age levels. These videos are both intriguing and challenging for the recommended age levels. Educators can use any video and customize it to explain the academic doctrine according to their point of view.

Ted-Ed is especially productive for students who are having a hard time understanding a specific educational concept. Maybe the way the teacher at school explained a particular theory was not very understandable. On Ted-Ed, you can find different perspectives to clarify the same subject.


Storybird is a one-of-a-kind tool from all of the different kinds of educational facilitation websites we have seen so far. All of the above sites needed a website, image, PDF, video, or other references as a starting point. With StoryBird, your imagination is the starting point.

There is no limit to what you can achieve with the help of this facility. Teachers can make videos which portray stories to explain educational concepts. With the help of this software, producing a video does not mean that you no longer check for spelling and grammar. You can designate the genre of writing as well as the recommend the age group for the video.


With Class Dojo, teachers can take pupils’ attendance, select particular students for a task, achieve timed projects, and communicate with parents. Teachers can control noise levels in the classroom with Class Dojo’s responsive Noise Meter. The Random Student Selector lets teachers randomly select a learner for a particular task.

The teacher can seamlessly use the Group Maker if they want to divide the class into groups of a certain number of individuals. The instructor can display instructions for all of the pupils in the classroom to view with the app. The timer on the application lets the teacher conveniently time the students as they complete the task.


Animoto assists in creating videos. Registered users on Animoto get access to their inventory of pictures and videos. Teachers can create a whole classroom setup with Animoto. First, they need to create a Gmail ID with the name of their classroom, for example, mrsjonesmathclass@gmail.com. Then add each student as an alias under the same email address, for instance,



This way, all the students’ emails will be delivered to the same Gmail address, but they will all have distinct email addresses. In a spreadsheet, identify each student individually with their full name and the generic email address. Now you can use the signup link on Animoto to enrol each student.


EdModo is the software which resembles Facebook. One of the most excellent characteristics of this application is that students, teachers, and parents can all make an account on EdModo. Even the screen looks like Facebook. For teachers, their assignments look like posts, and their criticism looks like messages.

Students can find all their resources related to their classroom in one place. Their test results are uploaded so that their parents and they can see it. Students can get the answers to their questions by messaging their teacher. Teachers can contact parents directly if the situation demands it. You can share interesting information about an upcoming party with your friends and teachers.


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