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An Approach To Manage Job With Studies Successfully

Posted on: May 28th, 2019

There is a large number of students who have to continue their studies with the job, there can be many reasons, but the main reason is the money. The money is the key. Most of the students work with their studies to fulfil the expenses of their education. They work for earning money to manage educational expenses.

Advantages of Managing Job With Education

There are several benefits of a job with studies:

  • When you continue the job with studies, you can earn money and fulfil your educational expenses.
  • It will provide you with the opportunity to get the experience of the specific field with studies.
  • If there is a match between your job and education, by the time, you will become an expert in your field.
  • When you continue your studies with a job, it will eradicate your shyness and makes you confident.
  • Improve your communication skills. It is helpful for you in your professional life.
  • During your education, you can learn vocational skills. After completing your academics, you will feel confident at workplace.
  • When you continue the job with your studies, it will create links and contacts with the experts and professional, which will help you in future. By that links, you can get better job opportunities after completing education.
  • You will learn how to utilize your time constructively because you have a strict schedule.
  • You can learn time management skills because job and academic both are important for you and time management skill is the key to success in this case.

How to Manage the Job & Studies

It is challenging to continue your job with your studies. If you are not able to do it properly, it will make the situation stressful. There are a few skills you can learn to manage work and studies successfully.

Through prior planning

Planning is the key to success. If you choose to work with education, you should be expert in prior planning. Set priorities. Set a timeline of your tasks according to their deadlines.

Make a proper schedule

You have a total of 24 hours in a day and seven days a week. You should schedule your day and keep a balance between work and studies. If you want to give 100% to both of your responsibilities, you should make a prior schedule.

Learn organizational skills

If you are going to balance between work and studies, you should be organized both of them. Keep your educational material organized. Clearly, mark your educational and works deadlines. Start all assignment early to enable you to complete them just in case other things come up.

Keep a balance between job and studies

If you decide to continue the job with education, try to keep a balance between both. Give equal importance and time to your work and studies.

Keep informed to your employer

You can seek cooperation if you keep your employer informed about your tight schedule. Moreover, when you work with devotion and prove yourself, your employer surely takes care of your studies. Thus, you will be able to get a favour.

Constructively utilize your time

Try to avoid staying up late nights. Wake up early in the morning for study. You will feel fresh and energetic, that caused you to learn in less time. Try to sleep early because staying up the late night will affect your performance. You will feel tired all day.

Learn time management skills

When continuing work with studies, time management skills are the primary key to success. We cannot ignore the impact of time management on students’ academic achievement.

Take care of your physical health

Take a healthy diet. Take care of your body, it will take care of you. Avoid foods that contain high saturated fats and calories in order to satisfy your hunger. These types of foods make you lazy and increase cholesterol level, effects your metabolism and weight.

Do physical exercise

When you work with your studies, it makes your schedule tough. Tough schedule increases stress and make you tired and fade up. Physical activity is the best mode to relief stress. Make physical exercise your habit.

Learn to take notes

Note taking is essential in education, especially when you are working and have not enough time to revise the lesson after each class. You have to find out your own way of taking notes. These notes will help you during your exams. Moreover, these notes will benefit you to recall the concepts your teacher taught you during the lecture. In spite of this, many students do not know how to take notes. Note-taking never be so tricky, you can learn a few tips from friends or the internet.

Take proper sleep

Try to avoid cutting back on your sleep, because we should realize that quality of life and work can be severely affected by lacking in quality sleep. Lacking in quality sleep influence on our performance, feelings and behaviour.

Avoid multitasking

Multitasking decreases creativity. We can give 100% to one task at a time. Therefore, the expert suggests performing one job at a time. Studies demand productivity and creativity. Because of the multitasking, you will compromise the quality of the work.

Ask for cooperation

Communicate with the people around you about your tough schedule. People will care for you. They will avoid interference when you will be busy. Prior communication will make you able to seek cooperation from the people around you.

Avoid distraction

Before starting your work, you should complete all other essential tasks which may distract you. You should turn off the TV and mobile phones when you begin work. Interruptions lose your focus and concentration. So, sit at a separate place.

Free yourself for recreational activity

Try to spare some time regularly for the event you enjoy most. If you do your favourite activity regularly, it will keep you refresh and energetic.


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