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How To Make Money With WordPress During Graduation

Posted on: July 11th, 2019

If you are a college student and have expertise in WordPress, then you can earn money to pay your tuition fee and other academic expenses. It can be immensely beneficial for any college student if they find ways to save money to manage expenses and also to earn money in their leisure time.

To make money from WordPress, you need a primitive strategy as this can be a challenging task. With the right approach, it can be pretty simple and effortless. It’s a kind of freelance work, which does not require any investment. You can do it at your home, a college library, or any other place that suits you.

In recent days WordPress developers/consultants have established numerous ways to make money with WordPress. Students doing graduation can also get benefited from these ways. Below we will discuss some of them:

1) Website Designing

Students doing graduation having command on WordPress can make a reasonable amount of money by WordPress website designing. It includes all forms of visual computerization services which must be outlined in a customized way as per the need of the website.

They can provide web design services to different organizations which have to be effective and easy to understand at the same time. Additionally, it has to be in an organized manner by which they can make an impression to their clients and increase their user base.

2) Search Engine Optimization

Commonly termed as SEO, refers listing of any article or blog on a search engine on their search result pages. A website gets more traffic on their webpage when they are listed on the first page of search engines. As it needs technical skills and expertise, websites are always in search of services by WordPress search engine optimizers.

SEO is an easy way to earn money by WordPress consultant if they have a thorough knowledge of SEO. Their primary task is to bring their client’s site on the top of the search result page. There are many forms of SEO, like blog writing, videos, slideshows, infographics, directories, and guides. Websites are willing to pay good amount of money to WordPress consultants if their site gets maximum optimization and traffic.

The students doing graduation having expert SEO skills can earn a few hundred dollars by providing their services to such websites which need to increase the SEO of their websites.

3) Become a Theme / Plugin Developer

The students during graduation, who are an advanced developer and get spare times besides their studies, have another good option to make money. They can offer customized services to websites. Many developers are making a good amount by providing theme or plugin services to websites.

WordPress users can install a theme, or setup of their WordPress installs, but they are technically unfamiliar with changing of page layouts, or customized posts and other technical aspects. There are several examples like awplife.com that offers such a comprehensive theme and plugin services with high result orientation.

4) WP Website Speed Optimizer

Website speed optimization is an essential aspect for any website because the speed of page loading impacts the traffic to increase the rate to conversions, user contentment, thus increasing website traffic. Therefore there is an immense need for WordPress speed optimizers.

As most of the people are not unable to do such tasks as they don’t have skills of setting up cache plugins or upgrading PHP versions, image/script optimization. In this way, a student with WordPress optimization skills can render services and get some extra cash for their college expenses.

5) Offer WordPress Consulting Services

WordPress consultants can offer comprehensive consultation for all kinds of websites. Clients/websites who are facing issues in building their blog or their corporate website, these consultants can assist them to leverage websites online presentation for their projects. Besides, WordPress reset can help to manage the new WordPress projects.

The services offered by WP consultants can include:

  • Secure and specific setup of WordPress platform so that they can benefit from its maximum potential.
  • Website development services to create a unique online presence.
  • The modification services that website requires without affecting its informational content.

6) Blog setup services

Many bloggers are not skillful in WordPress functions, and they require the services of a WordPress consultant to provide them blog setup services. Following services can be provided by WP consultants to bloggers:

  • Installation of WordPress and setting up to operate optimally.
  • Assisting in choosing and installing the themes and plugins for their blog.
  • Resolving all the technical issues they have relating to their new blog.

7) Content Management Services

The WordPress consultant can provide services in content management via CMS (content management system). CMS is used to manage web content, which allows numerous contributors to create, edit, and publish. It is stored the database of the website and displayed in a presentation layer based on templates.

WordPress consultants can assist websites in the creation of content, its storage, and workflow management by assigning authorization based on tasks such as author, editor, or admins.  Also, they can support websites to publish by organizing and pushing their content live. These services can be well paid if the client/website is satisfied with their services.

8) Bug Inspector

Another form of services provided by WordPress consultants during graduation to earn money is bug inspecting. It’s an essential aspect to assist the development in WordPress by helping in the tract of bugs. In order to provide bug inspecting services, WordPress consultants must have PHP, JavaScript or CSS expertise.

When website operators/owners find a bug in WP, they seek the support of WordPress consultant. These consultants identify the bug and the way to fix it by modifying it’s core files by creating a patch. By providing bug inspecting services, the consultant can charge a reasonable amount to websites.

9) Website Quality Assurance Services

WordPress consultants can also serve quality assurance services to the website. Their task will be testing and monitoring websites and web applications on numerous desktops, laptops, and other devices by engaging quality assurance procedures. The purpose of quality assurance is to increase user satisfaction by ensuring that the product is up to the client’s expectation.

The WordPress developers looking to earn extra cash may work on such limited time projects serving as a contractor or serving on short term pay scale based on hours they have served.


To make money from WordPress is highly possible by a student during graduation if he/she has the required skill set and approach. They are advised to work on it gradually and start rendering their services to websites on a specific project or on an hourly basis. Once they get more experience and their graduation gets completed, they can also pursue WordPress as their career.

The easy professions discussed above will be useful to students as these do not require them to be a WordPress genius. If they can do any of the above, they will have lots of options to make a really good amount of money using WordPress.


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