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5 Tips to Work under Pressure without Losing Calm

Posted on: June 6th, 2017

How well do you work under pressure is one question which you will always be asked in a job interview. This job will have definitely several fringe benefits for the would-be hire but there will always be neck and neck competition. The company needs to gauge your ability of thinking intelligence and creativity while working under high pressure environments. The company needs to be 100% certain that you would make the right decision in an environment with high constraints. You need to be able to effectively apply these four points.

  1. Stop Multitasking
  2. Don’t Procrastinate
  3. Positive Mental Attitude
  4. Avoid Distractions
  5. Relax

You will be able to work with full efficiency even under the most difficult circumstances if you can successfully apply these five basic points.

Tips to Work Under Pressure Without Losing Calm

Doing Too Many Things All At Once Leads to Downfall

Most people believe that a person’s ability to work under pressure depends a lot on the number of tasks they can perform simultaneously. In real life the inverse is actually true. Just like the lack of sleep effects on education are always going to be negative no matter how long you stay up the night before studying. Similarly doing too many things all at once is going to land you in a tight spot. Machines are programmed to multitask. The human mind is not programmed that way. Whenever you try to multitask you will not be giving your undivided attention to the task at hand. If you miss any one of your manager’s or supervisor’s instructions while trying to multitask, you will also have to face the multiple repercussions, positive or negative.

Waiting for the Last Moment to Face Disappointment

One of the key factors to work well under pressure is not to wait for the last moment to complete tasks. If something needs to be done it must be done right away. As any academic writer will tell you, if you wait for the last moment to complete your project it will only complicate matters. The research, composition and the referencing process will be most efficiently completed if you start early and complete well before the deadline. Also crucial to constantly working under pressure is the ability to maintain a positive mental attitude. Specialists have mastered this art after acquiring several years experience. High pressure situations deal with making decisions under critical circumstances. If these decisions are made with a negative approach they will have negative outcomes and ramifications.

Starve Your Distractions and Feed Your Focus

Your ability to work under pressure has a lot to do with your capability to avoid distractions. A good example of working under pressure and avoiding distractions is the field of law. Aspirant lawyers must complete their law coursework dealing with all the distractions of college. One mistake and it could have serious fallout to their entire career and qualifications. Similarly during your career you will need to focus on what is important and avoid the distractions. Constantly working under pressure will have intense ramifications on your physical and mental health. To avoid any fallout on your physical and mental well-being know when enough is enough. Know when you need to take a break. Get a good night’s sleep daily. Try and maintain a healthy diet and incorporate exercise in your routine.


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