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What Do You Need To Do For Being Happy In The College?

Posted on: June 13th, 2019

College life is the life of an adult, where the four years of independent life is enjoyed to make the most of these years before entering the world of leadership. In these years, you make life-changing decisions, you learn so many tricks to deal with life and as well, many ways to arrange the jigsaw pieces that you are to be fitted in the upcoming years. You learn the safe handling of the world and its people. How different faces wear a mask, and when it falls off you meet a new human being, not worthy of your hate.

Beside life handling situation you have to deal with so many things within such as assignment deadlines, friend parties, social media statement pictures, every day out of the world outfits and what not.  Meanwhile, students forget to be happy and stress over things which will not matter in the future years.

College life is not about studies, but the ways you can make life-changing decisions. Being happy tops the list.

Let’s learn some ways you can keep yourself cheerful throughout the last academic ladder step:

1. Cool peers make life worth living:

When you enter the new world of college, an adult you for sure meet new peers and it’s better to overcome your shyness when meeting new acquaintances, to make a mark around town. You need a confidante when things get rough, and someone to celebrate with when you got good news. Surround yourself with people who share the same mental level as of yours, who can be good to talk to and be with. Make sure to have a friendly relationship around the institute.

2. Your favourites matter more

Stressing over things that are not of your interest will be a tackle for you. Instead, opt for subjects you love to deal with. If your parents want you to study their personal favourite make them understand that you can’t cope up with something that leaves you stressful.

There are several compulsory subjects you hate to study, all you need to do is stay focused during them and if you have a choice to make, do not go with the flow or where your friends are going. Choose what makes you feel comfortable and what makes you love yourself.

3. Expectations lead to disaster, have realistic ones

In the not so good world, keeping expectations leads to difficult and burdened lives. Not everybody is willing to help you at such an adult stage of life. Make sure to not expect a lot from anybody. Not just in college life, but in normal everyday routine too, expectation turns to stress situations and can be a cause of making lives unhappier.

4. Self-care is not selfish.

Taking care of yourself is an important step to live a happy and healthy life. Eat, Sleep, Study, Repeat. It’s such a self-loving statement. Eat well; your health should be your top most priority because nobody else is going to look after you. Sleep well; so you can be energetic and full of life. Study on time; enjoy every moment of your four years, but keep in mind your ultimate goal, what you want to achieve?

Kelly’s thoughts on things allow you to take care of all those things students go through in their lives. From amazing recipes to life tacking information, they have it all to help overcome fears and keep you motivated.

5. Everybody is fake, the real you is what the world wants

There is no harm in flaunting your inner self. The world is full of fake people struggling to showcase better versions of them.

“In a world of make-believe, be the real you.”

Be the real you, what you are and what you have been. Embrace your failures and your scars because they are your trophies. Failure serves as a staircase to the path of success and your scars prove to show that you have been through so much and still came a long way.

6. Have your fill of merrymaking

These are the only years left before you enter the life full of responsibilities. Make sure to make the most of these years. Make shopping, game arenas or visit around town plans with your college-peers. Click amazing pictures and record videos. Save them as your memories.

Instasize video allows you to create quality videos to save the moments forever.

7. Balance decisions and the life: the happiness factor

You are now into adult age, an independent person, who is allowed to take their own decisions and have thoughtful thinking over everything life throws. Meanwhile, when we are excited to enjoy the upcoming years we forget to maintain a budget about how much to spend on each trip. Before you run out of money learn ways to save money to manage academic expenses. Use your independence wisely and make the most of every moment. The balance will turn you into a happy person.

8. Life is about moments, create them.

Worrying about what will life throw next makes a happy go lucky person dull and gloomy. If you are on a trip with friends, stay in the moment rather than stressing over how many assignments you are left with. Balance your time scheduling and maintain a lifestyle you are comfortable and happy with.

9. Do not beat your head against the wall

There are several things that we have to go through in our academic years and the stress of finding the perfect job after graduating is always on one’s mind but there are enticing careers to start after your studies instead of a real job. There is no cow on the ice of finding a glitzy job. Live in the moment rather than beating head that will be of no use in future years but you’ll regret not living life to the fullest.

10. It’s okay to be imperfect

Do not stress yourself over things that are of no use. Nobody is perfect and everybody have flaws. If somebody dislikes a habit of yours, it is fine, when you are happy with it. You are not here to impress peers. Be real, be you, do not hurt someone and you don’t have to be guilty of any behaviour in which you acted smartly, according to the situation. Keep a balance into everything. Do not over indulge into what the world wants and you’ll turn into a happy college student.

11. Nobody is you, and that is your superpower

If you’ll always be in search of people to compete, you won’t have time to embrace your productivity. Instead of finding competitors, flaunt your creativity into your assignments, projects and everyday routine. Being curious about what others are doing makes lives worse and snatches away the happy moments.

College years are certainly the best years, where you can be yourself. Live up to the mark of your favourite life but it’s necessary to be happy too. In these years do not pass any adventure, live life to the fullest, eat that last pizza slice and find a place in the sun. Live your life to the fullest, take care of yourself and do everything that makes your soul happy and contended. Inner peace ranks higher than any other peace in the world. Make good friends, plan scary trips and do your “first time ever” stuff, before you get into the [insert a fancy job] thing.


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