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8 Enticing Careers To Start After Your Studies Instead Of A Real Job

Posted on: May 24th, 2019

“What next?”
It is the most common question graduates often ask to themselves after completion of their degree program. After spending several years in the university and adjusting yourself according to it and then coming to professional life is not an easy task to handle. Lots of people find it challenging to start a traditional career as a professional.
If you are a person who is more likely to work according to his/her nature, then this article is for you. There are so many routes you can adopt instead of acquiring a job an in office pursuing handsome money. People like me, give more value to the satisfaction of mind while choosing the kind of employment instead of seeking more money. We follow our passion and achieve what we like. If you want to be successful, keep your mind healthier than your pocket.
No matter what path you chose for your life after studies, it is very critical to make plans and spend your time accordingly. Without focusing on your intentions with your journey ahead, it will be challenging to fit in any career or any path. Let’s look at some of the most exciting careers which you can start after your graduation before moving directly into a 9 to 5 work world.

1. Be A Travel Guide

So, do you like travelling and are fond of adventures? This is the right thing you can do. If you are aware of local travelling destinations and want to visit more, you can join a travelling agency as a travelling guide. It will allow you to meet new people and explore nature. You can do it as a part-time or a full-time job as well. There are so many opportunities in the United Kingdom for English speaking travel lovers, as so many abroad students like to visit different places during their university life.

2. Become A Research Analyst

You may think it is more related to a graduate in Science. You might not have an idea of how in-depth research is going in the field of Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, Arts, History, International Relations and Journalism. All you need to do is to contact your previous professors and tell them about your intention to work with them a research analyst. There is a wide range of opportunity in this work. Moreover, if you live near a university, it will be a plus point for you.

3. Look for a Part-Time Job You Are Passionate About

If you think you are not ready to work a full-time job, then it is the right time for you to follow your passion and start a part-time job. There are so many things we want to achieve in life, but due to a busy schedule, we couldn’t. Think of such work and spend your time in it. It will not only earn you money but will make you more delighted.
For example, if you like yoga and massage, you can join a centre and could be associated with them for the time being. Alternatively, if you are a fitness geek, you could join a gym as a trainer. Maybe you like nature and plants, you can sell flowers at a flower shop. You may also develop your full-time career in the same field if you want working here. Let’s suppose you have joined a local yoga studio as a receptionist. Later, based on your experience and skills, you can be a manager at a larger studio.

4. Self-Learning to Enhance Your Skills

I personally feel that knowledge is essential, but skills are mandatory. Your skills decide your value. Further, it depends upon your interests and liking, which type of skills you want to learn. There are so many online services by which you can learn various skills for free. Tech-Wonders is one of them which enables you to learn tech-related skills and keep yourself updated with the trending knowledge and technological advancement. You can learn reading, writing, presentation and management skills quickly without spending your money and can utilise them in your career ahead.

5. Start Blogging and Share Your Knowledge

Lots of people have started blogging as a career. It has several advantages. Blogging allows you to connect with the world and share your knowledge, experience and skills with others. Once you are connected with others, it will not only provide you with an opportunity to share your ideas but will also keep you updated with what others think.
No problem, if you are passionate about starting your own blog, and have no idea how to do it, you can concern Mostly Blogging and can learn the art of blogging. Here you can also read some blogs to have a better idea of how they are written.

6. Entrepreneurship

Apart from them all, instead of looking for others to allow you to work, you can create it yourself setting up your own start-up. You might think about the financial issues you may face while starting your own business, but believe me or not, there are so many ways you can start your own business without capital. Think of initiating with an e-commerce business where you can serve as a mediator between customer and vendor. You may also learn the art of bootstrapping a business. This is a process in which a person starts a business on its own without any outside assistance with a little or no money at all.
About three start-ups are set up every second in the world. These stats are enough to give you an idea about the scope. At least you should try, it doesn’t matter if you fail; you will gain experience. Every big name has started once with a smaller setup; for example, Apple was initiated in a garage. All you need to do is to take a risk and plan accordingly, it will benefit you.
“A successful entrepreneur needs to observe well and read more.”

7. Become a Nanny

It is an excellent job for the ones who love spending time with children. You can find your happiness and money in the same place. Apart from that, nannying benefits you with free room and board, which saves your money a lot. It can also provide you with perks of travelling with the family, free usage of cars and a weekly pay check.

8. Being a Volunteer

It is the best way to pay your country back with your efforts. Being involved in the campaigns to aware people about keeping the town clean, the importance of education, and how to be good with others is a very respectful work. It is really valuable to work for making positive changes in society. Also, it will allow you to build a network with fellow-volunteers, managers, supervisors, and organisations that can help you with your future work. You can also include your volunteer work on your resume, and it is counted as a plus point.
Apart from seeking a specific career or starting up your business, you can also work as a freelancer by selling your skills, and it will make you much money. Moreover, you can take a year gap to travel or to do something you feel motivated with.


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