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4 Secrets to Success in Life after College

Posted on: July 1st, 2017

Everybody has a different definition for the word success. For some it might be achieving certain academic qualifications, for others it might mean attaining certain financial ambitions yet others might have their triumph linked to a specific mission. Once students have graduated from college the definition of triumph pretty much stares us in the face every day in the form of expectations from our friends, family and close ones. We know what it is that we want to achieve, but we do not know how to achieve that. The secret to success could not be more oblivious to our presence.

1. Specifically Quantifiable Goals

The driving force behind each one of our actions is our ambition to succeed. The ratiocination following our decision to perform a certain action or not is our belief in the importance of being interesting in those goals. Due to this significance in the decision making process, it is vital that these goals are extremely specific. To explain this point clearly let us take the example of water. Water when thrown from a glass can hardly tear through a cardboard sheet of paper. That same water when focused with a water jet can cut through steel. When we follow the crowd not knowing exactly what it is that we want, doing something just for the sake of being part of the gang. This is similar to the water being thrown on to a sheet of paper. It doesn’t make much of a difference. When we completely define our goals and objectives with clearly circumscribed deadlines and sub projects, we become the water jet that can cut through solid objects.

Secret of Success in Life After College

2. Persistent Attitude Confronting Failure

In the pursuit of our hopes and dreams there will come times when you will fall flat on your face completely subdued by the consequences. Even after securing outstanding skills and academic qualifications, initially you will fail. The first time you fail will be the first test of your determination and resolve. This will be a make or break stage of the rest of your life. You can choose to throw in the towel but know that the secret of success lies in perseverance. Some of the most successful people today were once failures. It was their resolve and their determination to keep pursuing their objectives and aspirations that became their drive to succeed. Secret to success lies in pursuing your passion. Work will not feel like work if you are emotionally enthusiastic about the field of study. Do not pursue the field of research in education just because your mom or girlfriend said so. Do it because it is what you want to do.

3. Everlasting Optimistic Mindset

Some people will always only see the negative aspect of a situation. Whether it is a person who they know or someone they’ve just met for the first time, these naysayers will always assume that they have ulterior motives. They can never see the good in somebody. They fail to realise that they themselves, with that pessimistic attitude, are the ones causing the most harm to their own being. Others may find it strikingly obvious but these people will blame fate, destiny and circumstances for their shortcomings. Everybody will face their fare share of misfortune in life but this does not mean that prosperity will never come to you. With a defeatist attitude one can only attract more misfortune. Each assignment writing help which you are going after is all based on your own preferences. Believe that with every struggle and every bad experience there is a lesson to be learned. Maybe that is the reason why employers ask for experience.

4. Active Social and Family Life

Now that you have your aims and objectives sorted out and you have your eyes on the prize, it’s time to kick back and relax. What better way to relax than with some of your closest friends. The best thing about having a group of close friends to unwind with is that they will not judge or make decisions about the law assignment you had to confront at work. Try to plan excursions with your companions and family to public places which you enjoy. In your free time you can group together and enjoy your time at a restaurant. Experts suggest that having a large circle of friends is the key to mental and emotional well being throughout life. The satisfaction that your family or friends can give you will make you realise that the constant hard work and struggle was finally worth it.


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