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6 Barriers of Learning and How They can be Defeated

Posted on: May 4th, 2017

The most common barriers in educational life are not always apparent to the naked eye. These are the barriers of learning which have destroyed the importance or significance of learning in our minds. It is because of these barriers that we no longer give importance to the role of research in education. We believe that it simply does not apply to us. We suppose that we can somehow live our life, just as successfully, without giving any importance to education. The following is a comprehensive list of the specific barriers to the learning process.

  1. Family members, friends and colleagues
  2. Tuition fees and financial restraints
  3. Attitude, manners and attendance
  4. Curriculum contents and format
  5. Personal health
  6. Personal circumstances

To some, these constraints may come as a surprise. This is most likely because they do not have to deal with these circumstances on a daily basis. To others, these barriers may have become a way of life. Let us look at each one in detail.

Barriers of Learning and How to Defeat it

Social Pressure and Financial Limitations to Learning

A lot of students will understand how social pressure has an effect on a student’s performance. Parents sometimes play favourites. Even when the other child (non-favourite) does achieve significant accolades they are still looked down upon. Then there are some parents who are always ignorant to their children’s performance, good or bad. This causes the child to ponder over the situation and lose sleep. This lack of sleep effects academic performance directly. Having bad friends also causes a bad reputation to stick to a student no matter where they go.

Whenever you feel you are being insulted or undermined it is best to leave in such circumstances. Confrontation is what the other person is looking for, don’t give them that opportunity. Ignore everything and motivate yourself to do better. Go to a library and finalise the economics dissertation topics for your upcoming project. Try to find some activity which you enjoy and for which you can get a scholarship. For example, some schools provide athletics scholarships others provide a scrabble scholarship and even a chess scholarship. You can always find something interesting for which you can also get a scholarship. In the long run these scholarships will help you.

Promoting a Healthy Self Image for Better Learning

Some students are habitually late to class while others are frequently absent. With all the students following the same schedule it would make one wonder why this happens so often. These are the children which have resolved on a negative attitude towards learning. They consider that learning is no longer beneficial to them in their life. These might be the children of the rich and famous people. To improve their attitude towards learning educators such as MHR Writer UK can help them focus on future goals. Working to achieve specific goals will have a significant impact on their performance.

Some students will have issues with understanding certain specific subjects. Dyslexia is marked by impairment of the ability to recognise and comprehend written words. Dyscalculia is the impairment of the ability to understand and solve mathematics problems. The Dyscalculia and Dyslexia Interest Group exists in the UK to assist such students. These are students who usually have to buy dissertation, to complete their coursework. For other students it might simply be the case that the format of teaching is confusing to them.

Adverse Effects of Extreme Behavioural Punishments

Our teachers and parents mean good when they are scolding us for any reason. To quote the words of Plato, “all learning has an emotional base.” Do not take this criticism personally or emotionally. Then again if someone is always reprimanding you for no reason at all, let them know that it is not appreciated. This will give you closure.

No matter how busy you are always find the time to exercise. Even if it is for just for half an hour during the day, don’t quit exercising. Daily exercise has several benefits. One of the many benefits is a better immune system to fight diseases. Time spent exercising is time well-spent on your own personal well being.


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