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7 Online Learning Tools Employed Effectively by Modern Pupils

Posted on: September 1st, 2017

Students often find themselves in a quandary trying to look for efficient and reliable sources for assignment problem solution. Free online learning tools often limit the user interaction which makes the whole learning effort futile. Online learning tools which remain free regardless of the duration of use are often in the form of games and activities which will also incorporate advertising. This is a list of some of the best online learning tools to help students perceive the secret of success. Some of these tools will initially be completely free giving students enough time to acknowledge the importance of these tools.


This is an application which boasts that “Storybird doesn’t smell like learning.” It incorporates audio and visual features to help students begin to write about a topic which might not be one of their favourites. This is a tool which can be used by students from kindergarten to even GCSE candidates. Students can find pertinent literature to their subject of interest to get the ball rolling. Learners can interact with peers from across the world to share their learning experiences. Researching a specific term or expression can be done easily with the help of the available resources.

Online Learning Tools Employed Effectively


This is a tool which allows users to embody information and articles from a number of different sources in to their compositions. With the help of this tool users can organise and illustrate their ideas and thoughts to exhibit a comprehensive project. If scholars are looking to research specific terms and expressions they can use this tool to find relevant information pertaining to their research topics. Storify can be used to accumulate materials and intelligence in a single project depicting all the various concepts. Users can choose to share it with a specific group of people.


Renderforest is an amazing online tool with the help of which users can create high quality videos both for business and personal use. Its easy-to-use video editor makes the video creation process a matter of minutes so you can create promotional, explainer presentations, corporate and personal slideshow videos literally in minutes. You are offered various template categories of different styles and purposes. Choose the template you want to build your video over and start creating. Most of the templates are highly customizable with scene duration adjustment and color and style customization, so your unique result is guaranteed. Just choose the template, type your text, add photos and videos, choose the music or upload your own, click preview and let Renderforest do the rest for you. Your high quality video will be ready in several minutes.


This is similar to Stupeflix but a much more powerful tool for creating presentations. It gives users much more control over the entire process of designing and devising the complete enterprise. Users can choose to transcribe a PhD dissertation or a personal photo album with the help of this website. It gives users access to a library of licensed songs and professionally designed video styles. Everything can be customised from the amount of lighting, to the transition style to even the timing of the transitions.


This is a comprehensive tool for students over the age of 13. With the help of this software students and teachers can produce flashcards associated with specific topics. Students can socialise with other students studying the same syllabus or materials as them. Students can get detailed customised assistance to specific subjects just like they can receive at MHR Writers UK. Teachers can create tests and examinations with the help of this tool to administer to a specific set of students. Students can also conduct research and dissertation editing services UK for their thesis with the help of this package. One of the best features is that this makes learning a social experience as well as an educational experience.

Popplet and Bubbl.US

This is software which students can use for brainstorming. A main subject can have a lot of different ideas and concepts associated with it such as the subject of cars. Users can link all the different facts and figures with this subject which they want to keep in mind. You can also add pictures and images to your production to each bubble or popplet.


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