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4 Creative Writing Ideas that Impress Your Mentor

Posted on: April 22nd, 2017

Students are always looking for new ways on how to improve creative writing projects. It might seem odd but some of the greatest inspiration sometimes comes from talking to older people. Instead of talking about everyday routine events, start talking about events which occurred when they were young. You will be surprised at all the different facts and information that you will come by from this conversation. You will get several multifarious ideas and contrasting viewpoints from this dialogue which you could possibly associate with your research for dissertation writing.

When speaking to older people, like a grandfather or grandmother, don’t hesitate to ask questions. If the thought enters your mind that you would have done something differently and why they chose to follow a certain path, go ahead and interrogate why. You will be surprised by the mental health importance of the answers you will receive once you understand their perspectives. Ask them about the different neighbourhoods they visited and the different experiences which they had. You will be astonished when you find out about the different cuisines which were commonplace at their time. All this information should give you plenty of new and ingenious ideas to write about.

Creative Writing Ideas that Impress your Mentor

Sleepless Nights with Countless Notions and Philosophies

How many times has it happened that we have a very hectic schedule the very next day but we can’t fall asleep? The mind begins to wander and think about things from the past, present and mix it up with future aspirations. The mind gets all of the most creative writing ideas which it didn’t have time for during the course of the day. Just like the way your physical body needs rest, your mind also needs to rest. The mind is basically propagating new ideas and thoughts and inscribing these new ideas with reference to the ones already existing.

In other words, it’s doing homework trying to establish new concepts with the ones already present. Why is it doing this now? This is because the human mind is not so efficient at multitasking and you probably didn’t have time to sit down and think deeply about these concepts during the course of the day. This is a good time to get up and start writing the notions and suggestions which may be distracting you. It does not have to be a very organised project like transcribing marketing dissertation topics but just a rough representation of the notions and thoughts. This will give you clarity and improve focus and concentration to finally get some sleep.

Experiencing Creativity First Hand in All of Its Forms

So far we’ve discussed two very subtle ways of acquiring creative writing techniques. Now it is time to be a little more adventurous. The next two ways of getting some creative insight are much more energetic and lively. One of the best ways of getting new ideas is to visit new places. Go to some place which you have never been to before, a completely new experience. Gather a few close friends and make it a trip to remember. Do a little bit of research before visiting your desired location and dedicate the whole day towards having fun and new experiences.

The last way to get inspirations and insights with bright new ideas is to meet new people, socialise. You know that friend who always kept saying that I’m going to introduce you to this new person, go ahead and meet them. Proactively take an interest in the other person and come up with questions you would ask them to find out more about them. Once you have the answers you can decide if you want to continue meeting them or not.


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