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2020 Investment Guide For Students

Posted on: December 21st, 2019

All students should have the opportunity to start out early so they can secure their future. Yet working full-time is not possible. Not only is it unmanageable for you as a student, but it is also against the law. However, there is always the option to start with something like a part-time job or investment.

Students can make money with WordPress, tutor, or even investing in a profitable business as a sleeping partner. Investment is an excellent opportunity to prepare students for their careers and life. In fact, investing will help you learn to trust your instincts, make decisions on your toes, stay updated with news and current affairs to judge the impact on stocks, and more. Not to mention the extra money that can be saved, to help you build a life. However, starting out as an investor is not something that comes with a handbook or can be taught in a degree. Investment, risks, profit & loss, and instinct are a few things that can only be learned with experience.

High-Profile Investment Opportunities For 2020

In order to take the first step in investing, students are initially encouraged to invest in something stable that is expected to garner good profits, like buying shares of Facebook or Google. Amazon is also a safe bet that will surely gather in a lot of profit.

Investing in such a bet where chances of loss are minimum, will motivate students and develop confidence in this concept. In fact, it can help students gather some self-motivation on difficult days. Gradually, learners should be encouraged to take investment decisions on their own.

Kids today are very astute, quick learners, and tech-savvy. Nonetheless, a single failure has the power to bulldoze their future in building a fortune with investment. Therefore, students need a few victories under their belt so they can build confidence in conducting the activity. Below are a few firms whose stocks are expected to do great in the coming fiscal year.


Microsoft tech giant and creator of Windows and Office is also on the list of best stocks for investment. In the coming three years, the annualized EPS growth rate for Microsoft is expected to be more than 17%. The annual return on equity is 39.8%.


A leader in IBD’s solar group, SolarEdge, the company has a SolarEdge DC optimized inverter. It’s function is to maximize the power generation, and reduce the cost of the energy by employing the photovoltaic (PV) system. The three years annualized EPS growth rate is more than 31. However, the annual return on equity is projected at 32.8%.


Medical aesthetics firm InMode is a powerful performer that has since performed well since its IPO, which was in early August. The EPS growth rate for the next three years is expected to be 382%.


Provider of cloud-based software, DocuSign, specializes in the creation of e-signatures to carry out digital transactions and transfers. The jury is still out on the speculations for the annualized three-year EPS growth rate, its annual return in equity is 12.7%.

Other Sectors For Investment

Apart from investing in stocks, you can also invest in other assets and inventions in 2020 that will net them sizable profits. Four sectors are expected to witness further growth, which means you will experience greater returns on investment. Those sectors are:

  • Healthcare and Prosthetics
  • AI and Cybersecurity
  • Real Estate
  • Cryptocurrency.

Healthcare & Prosthetics:

The healthcare industry was not exactly on mark with its previous projections. Nonetheless, it is predicted that the healthcare sector, mainly cell regeneration, and 3D printed prosthetics, will soon pocket sizable returns. More will be known once the start of the year rolls in.

AI and Cybersecurity:

Artificial Intelligence is already projected to reap good returns in the coming years. Still, its integration in cybersecurity can go a long way for students who will be acquiring profits from investment in AI & Tech. AI in robotics is manufacture and robotics is also expected to grow, with AI’s integration into other sectors is expected to grow.

Real Estate:

The real estate market is expected to become a hotbed for investment and returns in the coming years, which is why you should invest in them sooner rather than later in 2020 before it’s too late. Property prices will be lower when demand is low. Once prices rise, profit margins will squeeze, something all students will eventually learn.


Cryptocurrency is further expected to grow in the coming years, despite it already being on an all-time high. Since more and more people and countries are starting to accept cryptocurrency, it is becoming a more and more stable and lucrative venture.


Students, who start investing early on in life, learn the valuable lesson of using one’s brain; growing one’s savings and risk-taking. All these qualities will help you pave a smooth future for yourself. Not to mention, the right investments have the power to make you rich while you are still in your academic life. Nonetheless, do not get too involved in investments. Otherwise, that you might lose focus on what you already have – your education.


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