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Self-Motivation for Students on Difficult Days

Posted on: August 29th, 2019

On some days, students complete the most challenging assignments with the greatest of ease. On other days even the most straightforward academic task becomes a huge encumbrance. The main goal of educators is to teach students the concepts and ideas of their subject. Every personality is unique. Similarly, each pupil’s approach towards a topic is unparalleled.

The information in this article is to help students organize themselves to complete their assignment within the designated deadline. Following these instructions will make it easier for students to recall the concepts and ideas presented in their homework. We have tried our best to incorporate different types of applications to accomplish the same objective. Students can choose the best one according to their preference.

Giving Priority to Homework

Onerous days bring with them the notion that homework is a formidable burden. After completing school, students realize how difficult it is to work part-time careers to earn money. Homework seems like a breeze. Before starting homework, determine exactly which academic tasks need to be completed urgently. Remind yourself that there is plenty of competition in your classroom.

You would rather be in the top stratification of the contest, instead of being in the bottom half and struggle to get back up. Homework is an easy way of keeping yourself in the game and a cut above the rest. Take a deep breath. Wash your face with some cold water. Remember, homework is easy pickings as far as grades are concerned. There are no constraints, except for the time restriction. Don’t let these marks go to waste.

Setting High Academic Standards

Students compete with other learners in their classroom. Instead of understanding the subject, their main goal becomes to get better grades than a particular classmate. Academic learning takes on the form of educational rivalry. In the course of this class competition, scholars begin to hold grudges against their associates. Successful students define their targets of performance, based on their abilities, instead of unnecessarily trying to compete with peers.

Begin the school year with a positive note that you will try your best on every report, assignment, homework, and test. Resolve to use practical note-taking tools to get full marks on all academic obligations from the start. Compete with nobody else but yourself. Your mind will no longer be occupied by unnecessary feelings of outrage, insult, ridicule, revenge, or shame for your performance.

Applications to Enhance Self-Confidence

Each student lacks in one aspect or another. Some students waste their time willy-nilly. They realize too late that they could have spent their time more efficiently. Other students find that they are continually feeling depressed, and due to this negativity, their performance suffers. There is no denying the fact that regardless of the subject being studied, students need constant supervision and guidance to achieve higher ambitions.

Educational institutes across the nation have undergone a digital revolution. Now there are electronic devices in more and more classrooms across the country. The student of today is faced with the question, ‘which apps do I download?’ With so many free and paid versions of applications, information about the software itself is still scarce.


Some people like to keep track of all the milestones that have passed in their life. They want to make sure they remember and make mention of the date, time, and in certain situations, the place where an event took place. Keeping track of these memories helps them to appreciate all the assets and good fortune they have in their life.

This application is available on the Apple platform that is the Mac, iPad, and iPhone. One of the characteristics of this application is that it allows you to integrate pictures, GPRS locations, and even local weather with an entry. Another feature is that even with all the different types of information you can associate with the application, the interface is still straightforward to use.


This application is for people who often find themselves ‘stuck’ in the same situation over and over again. Now with this application, you can become ‘Unstuck.’ On difficult days students might think about a multitude of different things. Future goals, grades, love life, friends, and family life are just some of the things which can cause some severe tension.

Unstuck administers digital coaches to help diagnose solutions for the problems that you are facing. They manage one-on-one coaching to motivate you to achieve your goals. These goals can be educational goals or even career objectives which you have qualms to make.


Happier is Nataly’s personal project. She is keen on helping students and individuals in the workplace come to terms with the difficulties they are facing with their work. You can have emotional problems, work-related problems, or something entirely personal you want to talk about with Nataly. She will be there to guide you and assist you through your adversities.

Nataly is originally from the Soviet Union and moved to the United States when she was 13 years old. Nataly Kogan is the author of a book by the name of “Happier Now.” She talks about how she stopped pursuing excellence to find satisfaction in her daily life.


Coach.me is an application which delivers personal coaching to people without the need of a second person. You can choose from a variety of goals which you want to achieve. Addiction, weight loss, financial advice, fitness, and writing are just some of the intentions which you can prescribe to accomplish with this application.

The application asks you questions to make sure you are on the right track. The answers to your questions help broaden the horizon to the possibilities of what you can attain. Technology is ever-changing, which makes it difficult for individuals to stay on top of their game all the time. Once the technology is incorporated into the application, the early bird catches the worm.

Controlling Diet & Avoiding Stimulants

“You are what you eat.” For students eating is not only about relieving their appetite. Nutritionists warn that there have never been more human-made and pseudo ingredients in foods and snacks than there are in the diet of the modern man of today. These ingredients are harmful, not only to your physical wellbeing but also to your psychological energy.

There are many different artificial sweeteners in snacks. Some chemicals cause anxiety, while other chemicals can be addictive. Dieticians advise sticking to natural foods and ingredients for the best health. Synthetic additives in foods can also become the cause of mood swings when the food is not readily available. Replace caffeinated beverages with natural fruit juices to reduce the strain on your nerves.

Significance of Self Reflection

Some students do not put much thought into the qualification they will pursue after completing their basic education. They make the basis of their judgment based on current trends, and the decisions their colleagues have made. In the short term, this might sound like a good idea. In the long run, it is a recipe for disaster.

Without an interest in the higher qualification you wish to pursue, it is unlikely that you will be able to complete the higher certificate. Students can choose from numerous careers for their specialization. Do not hesitate to speak to a guidance counsellor to discuss your propensity towards the future career you wish to follow.

Genuinely Pursuing Academic Interests

Some students want to pursue careers in highly specialized professions. Friends, family, and relatives have no information about these vocations. The only information a student can receive from them is speculative information, which may or may not be precise. If a student wants to become an anesthesiologist, psychobiologist, a commercial pilot, or a petroleum engineer, it is implausible that someone without the appropriate academic background will be able to provide reliable data about the profession.

Do not exchange your curiosity and enthusiasm for a particular career simply because somebody says it’s not worth it. Find out all the information you can about the profession. First, find out how long it normally takes a person to become qualified in that occupation. Then ask yourself do you have the determination, will power, and means to accomplish the prerequisites.


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