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When Parents Should Help with Homework and How Much?

Posted on: October 2nd, 2017

To understand how parents should help with homework it is important to understand the main objectives and goals of homework. Teachers and institutes assign homework for a various number of reasons. Homework is often used to cultivate learning skills in the early learner which will become conducive to practical learning situations at higher levels of education. Educators and institutes have specific rubrics for assigning academic tasks for homework. Some assignments teach the student how to conduct an effective investigation and analysis related to a research essay.

Other assignment structure examples have clandestine objectives of teaching the student time management skills to meet deadlines. How can parents help with homework without encouraging students to cram it is vital that parents maintain contact with their teachers. Parents should not help with homework by actually doing the homework for them rather guiding them to complete the assignment. This is the very reason that they need to work in coordination with teachers to assure positive learning. Teachers need to present a well defined course of action in each assignment which needs to be followed by the student to achieve a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. The following is a list of reasons why academic institutes assign homework:

When Parents Should Help with Homework & How Much

  1. Reinforcing concepts: Homework provides the student with the necessary practice of the concepts which will be used in the next academic session.
  2. Personal mental growth: Teachers are able to identify different skills which individual students need to work on to be able to perform better in class.
  3. Socialization with peers: Some assignments may be administered as a group project. This will teach students to work with different types of people with different personality types.
  4. Socialization with parents: Children can always learn valuable lessons from their parents and the homework gives them an opportunity for a positive learning experience.
  5. Developing fundamental academic skills: This can include a various number of elements from researching to organizing a project and working to meet deadlines.
  6. Parent – teacher interaction: Homework gives both the teachers and parents an opportunity to assess the progress made by the student and or identify any weaknesses which need to be worked on.
  7. Punishment: In some cases, homework may be used as a punishment to tame rebellious students at the same time developing academic skills.

How Parents Should Help with Homework to Raise Expertise

To understand what is plagiarism in academics sometimes students need one of their parents to explain it to them in detail. Each student has a different way of learning and understanding new concepts. Some students will work better by assigning them a daily timetable working to meet academic requirements. Other students will work better by accrediting achievement to some specific goals. For example, if a student achieves a given number of marks on a particular test parents will buy them something which they want.

Parents can support their child with supervised academic writing help to achieve assignment objectives. It is crucial to let the child do the work by themselves to support individual learning. This way the teachers can do a better job at identifying student weaknesses and helping them to achieve a better understanding of the issue.


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