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What is Plagiarism and Its Effects on Academic Career

Posted on: October 28th, 2017

To understand what is plagiarism let’s look at the interpretation of plagiarism according to UK law. Academic plagiarism occurs when words or ideas are copied verbatim from any distinguished source without giving due credit to the original author. In some cases this may also be known as literary theft. This is because the ideas and expressions copied are not the copyright of the new author and the writer has failed to even mention the name of the original author in their dissertation or thesis. Even so, there can be two different justifications for the occurrence. One is that it could be an accidental occurrence of plagiarism. The author failed to remember to link the reference associated with that occurrence. The other justification is that the author knew that they were plagiarising and it was done intentionally to delude or mislead the readers in to thinking that this is an original work.

Defining What is Intentional Plagiarism,

Intentional plagiarism occurs when a writer knowingly uses reference materials and copies them word for word without giving due credit to the original writer. Institutes use state of the art customised software to detect plagiarism in all of its forms. Whether apparent or not to the student plagiarism is never one of the best ways of how to improve your grades. Quite the inverse, it could land a student in a lot of trouble. Once confirmed of intentionally plagiarising, all of the student’s academic records will be at the mercy of the institute. The institute may decide to annul the entire qualification. The institute may also decide to publically blacklist the candidate in all of the major institutes within the community. There are cases where students have been spared jail because of good academic performance but the inverse is not so common.

What is Plagiarism and its Effects on Academic Career

Exercising Best Academic Authorship Practices

Before jumping to conclusions and beginning to buy essays online it is only prudent to understand what is plagiarism and the academic norms associated with it. As a rule even institutes understand that facts cannot be copyrighted. The words and expressions used to express theories and hypotheses can be the sole proprietorship of a single person. Using a different author’s work in social work essays or any other form of composition it is imperative that the composition be appropriately referenced. There are different techniques of referencing which the author must employ to assure that their work is appropriately referenced.

Employing the Appropriate Referencing Technique

In the different assignments issued by institutes, the institutes will also provide necessary stipulations to which each assignment must comply with. There are several different techniques of referencing and each institute has their own preference of which referencing style should be used based on the subject of the composition. If there is an assignment which you are unsure of which referencing technique to use, confirm from your institute which referencing technique needs be employed. There will be occasions when pupils will doubt whether to reference a certain statement or not. In all such occasions it will always be better to administer references rather than to leave it to the whims of the reader. This will make your work a trustworthy source of information.


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