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The Style and Tone of the SAT Writing Exam – All you want to know

Posted on: December 13th, 2019

The SAT or Scholastic Assessment Test is a type of entrance test conducted by the college board to grant admission into various colleges in the US.  The test contains four sections and one of the major sections is Writing and Language. Through the writing section, i.e. your editing and writing skills get focused and examined. For clearing the SAT examination, it is necessary to qualify in the writing section.

For achieving higher grades in the writing section, it is you must have the right writing style and tone as well. Understanding the content in the correct manner affects the writing skills a lot. If you present the information in the appropriate and adequate style and tone, then it helps you a lot in scoring well in the SAT writing examination. To confuse the students, the test options are given so close to the appropriate and actual meaning.

And hence, it is necessary to pay attention while reading the passage. There are SAT classes in Dubai that provide the right training for performing well in the SAT Exam. 

How to write on the SAT exam?

While answering the questions, it is essential to keep them short and simple. Moreover, it is necessary to understand that the sentence should be rephrased in such a manner that the meaning does not get modified or changed. Additionally, it is essential to identify the correct meaning of the words given in the passage.

Style of writing

There should be consistency in the writing style. The primary task to achieve while appearing in the examination is to identify which part of the given sentence is not relatable. If you can identify the out of the context path, then it will be easy for you to change the area required.

Passage Tone 

The writing style and tone of the SAT exam is the way of transmitting message correctly. The individual can correctly understand the right feelings of the writer while reading the sentence. The content shows positive feelings as well as negative feelings. It is also important to understand the tone of the asked question because it helps in answering the question correctly.

Considerations to prepare SAT Exam

  • Devote 17 hours a day in study
  • Don’t include multiple topics because it diverse your concentration and also does not help in understanding the basics of subjects.
  • If there are multiple subjects then it is also difficult for the students to perform well.
  • To learn the subject well, it is important to take breaks of 5 to 10 minutes while studying through that student take more consideration in the study. 

What should you consider?

While appearing in the writing and language test, it is important to perform 3 activities including reading, finding the weaknesses and mistakes, and fixing them. Whenever you correct problems, these three activities get repeated all the time. It’s all about the practice you are having regarding the rephrasing. The test measures your skills that you have to rephrase or modify the content in such a manner that it conveys the same meaning.

Take a look over some quick facts

  • The questions are always related to the topic of the passage
  • Multiple type questions are given
  • Tables, graphs and charts are only given to go along with the passage, there is no mathematics required
  • The examination does not test any previous knowledge related to the topic
  • The examination is all about evidence-based reading and writing skills.

Skills measured by the writing and language test

The writing and language test in SAT exam measures several skills, including:

  • The command of the evidence
  • The words are given in the context
  • Analyzing in history and social studies
  • Analysis in sciences
  • Expressions of the ideas
  • Standardization of English conventions

The SAT writing and language test asks you to become an editor and improve all the passages given. Moreover, the passage given in the examination includes deliberate errors that are required to be modified or connected in the best and adequate manner.


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