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Mathematics Competition for College/University Students

Posted on: December 9th, 2019

Many college and university students find it hard to continue their studies due to financial issues. However, there are several tactics to avail remarkable scholarships for continuing the studies. One of which is by participating in scholarship-based competitions.

Math competitions are a great way of earning scholarships and money prizes to cater to you with financial stability. Many math competitions are widely arranged on an international level as well as on regional levels. Some math competitions are also organized as inter-state or even inter-college/university boundaries.

Learn about all the math competitions that are eligible for college/university students:

Math Competitions for Graduates & Undergraduates:

Competitions are a healthy source of building confidence in a child. Many students love taking part in contests to conquer challenges while learning and practising.

Math competitions are beneficial in making bright students practice their talent on a larger scale. Each year many competitions are held globally and locally, which differ from different criteria of eligibility, rules, and regulations, to paper patterns.

For students studying in colleges and universities, taking part in such competition is a way to add to their extra-curricular achievements. Here’s a list of all the mathematic competitions which are qualified for college and university students respectively.

NYSMATYC Math League

NYSMATYC stands for the New York State Mathematics Association of Two-Year Colleges. NYSMATYC math league is a math competition that takes place every year. It is a math competition for two-year college campuses for students studying in any college in New York City. The competition is organized two times each year, once in spring and once in fall. Competition is structured for college students.

Every college motivates students to attend a timed test comprising of a total of twenty questions, of whom the top five test scores are accumulated to formulate that college team’s score.

In the spring, the autumn and spring test scores are combined, and then one college is declared the winner champion for that educational year. And in April Prizes are allocated at the NYSMATYC Annual Conference.

Student Mathematics League

SML or students mathematics league has excelled in having participation from more than 160 colleges and over 35 states. This adds up to 75-thousand community college students, including some from Bermuda. This competition is for students who are in university.

This math competition also has a two-time schedule every year. And the grand prize is the Charles Miller Memorial scholarship.

Colleges can join either as a group of five or multiple students or single students if less than five students choose to participate. An applicant is entitled to apply if he has not received a two-year qualification or if he has not completed an intermediate grade at a four-year program. Part-time students are qualified.

Asian Pacific Mathematics Olympiad

The APMO (Asian Pacific Mathematics Olympiad) is a competition for countries in the region Pacific Rim. Encouraging and promoting mathematical participation in Olympiad type competitions in the participating countries and other countries of the region.

The contest comprises of a four-hour test composed of five analytical problems of different complexity, each having a cumulative score of seven points. State members are organizing the competition locally. Every number of students can take part in the competition in each state, however results of a total of 10 each country may be sent for approved participation.

MCM/ICM Contest

ICM or International mathematics competition is help globally, one time each year. This math competition is eligible for university students. While it is an independent event, the universities generally split their participating students into groups of four. University students are advised to check term papers and practice them for this global competition.

Every year the organizer and the host are a different country and university. Up till now, students from over two hundred universities from over forty-five countries have participated in the International mathematics contest. The maximum age of the participant is to be 23 years, with no limitations on the minimum age.

Each competing institution sends several students and one and sometimes more group members. Students without a group member are welcome to participate. Every group member is required to occupy an educational position in the department of a university which they embody.

Putnam Competition

The William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition is the largest math competition for university students in the Canada and United States. The competition is held yearly in December.

The contest comprises two, three-hour rounds, one in the morning, the other in the evening. Over every round, students work independently on six complex mathematical questions.

Putnam competition has two prizes for students. One is called the William Lowell Putnam prize that is rewarded to the mathematics department of the top-five winning teams of a university.

The second is called the Elizabeth Lowell Putnam prize, rewarded to an outstanding female participant of the competition.

These were all the mathematics competitions organized for college/university students. So make sure you take part in these to excel in your field.


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