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4 Worst Consequences of Plagiarism for Graduating Students

Posted on: October 14th, 2017

Before we get in to what are the consequences of plagiarism let us define plagiarism. The Oxford definition of plagiarism is presenting someone else’s work or ideas as your own, with or without their consent, by incorporating it into your work without full acknowledgement. All the academic institutes and universities holding high reputations across the UK all have the necessary tools and policies to encourage students to understand the repercussions and consequences of plagiarism both academically and also in professional life. This is one of the reasons why even teachers in these universities will encourage you to understand how to change words to avoid plagiarism.

Worst Consequences of Plagiarism for Students

Significant Consequences of Plagiarism in College

When a student is alleged to have plagiarised, they will be issued a formal warning pertaining to any one of the student’s academic submission, which the institute may or may not disclose. Once the investigations are underway the first consequences of plagiarism will be a tarnished academic reputation within this institute. Some institutes may even assign a counsellor to monitor each terrorism essay or any and all academic work submitted by the student.

If plagiarism is confirmed the assignment will certainly be revoked from the academic qualification. The student may be asked to repeat the course both financially, academically and don’t forget about the time lost, this would be the best case scenario where improvement of academic performance may be possible. In this situation it is the institute’s discretion to include it in the pupil’s permanent academic record. In more extreme circumstances, the student will be expelled with the student being issued a reduced qualification or none at all depending upon the institute’s discretion and a flawed reputation.

Long Term Repercussions of Scholastic Plagiarism

There will be three things that will follow a person who has plagiarised instead of getting the usual essay help UK which is the norm. The first will be financial issues due to not being able to find a job. The career will suffer because of not having a qualification or having a tarnished qualification. The second issue will be that the culprit will begin to feel cornered unable to find anybody who will confide in them. The third and most obvious is the public shaming. The embarrassment and humiliation will settle in even if the person succeeds in securing employment.

Quite surprisingly it is not only students who plagiarise. Plagiarism in music is also quite common. It is true that the musicians have already probably made a lot of money from the plagiarised work before getting caught. It is also true that the legal cases which musicians face also cost them a lot of money to reach a settlement.


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