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Simple Rules on How to Structure the Best Dissertation

Posted on: August 30th, 2018

Given the nature of dissertations and their many requirements the task of writing a perfect dissertation can be tedious and time-consuming. However, in order to help you with this pursuit here are 7 simple rules on how to structure a dissertation in the best possible way:

Simple Rules on How to Structure the Best Dissertation

  1. Follow the 10% rule
  2. Do not make the Introduction of your Dissertation longer than 10% of your total dissertation. While it is extremely important to focus on the content of the Introduction as well, most Dissertations often fail to reach the acceptable mark if their introductions are too short or too long. Therefore, always stick with the 10% rule and try to fit all your relevant introductory content within that limit.

  3. Make your objectives concise
  4. The most important part of your introductory chapter is the detail of your aims and objectives for the Dissertation. This is the brief summary of what you are aiming to do in your study and therefore it should be kept as informative and concise as possible. The person who is reading your dissertation does not want to delve into the elongated details of your aims. He merely wants a terse understanding of your dissertation within three or four sentences or bullet points.

  5. Make use of Journal Articles
  6. The Literature Review holds a place of great importance in your Dissertation so make sure you use authentic and reliable literature for this chapter. Using spurious resources for this part of your Dissertation will reduce the over validity of your research so try and stick to renowned journal articles for the most part. Though you can also make use of official reports, newspaper articles, and books but without the use of journal articles, your Literature Review will lack the required authenticity.

    Simple Rules on How to Structure the Best Dissertation - Make use of Journal Articles

  7. Invest most resources in Analysis
  8. The resources at your disposal include time, effort, number of words and external studies. You should be spending most of these in your fourth/fifth chapter detailing the findings and analysis of your study. This can also be achieved by taking help of online dissertation writing services where experts in your field can help you write the best critical analysis of your Dissertation and allow you to be more productive in your research. Furthermore, this can also help you to deal with stress in education since you will not have to invest too much time exerting effort that might be put to better use.

  9. Stick to one Methodology
  10. Though Dissertation studies often allow you the flexibility of making use of multiple methodologies at once, the best dissertation structures are often based only on one type of methodology. For example, if your study is largely a primary one then base your data extraction and analysis on a primary methodology instead of using secondary resources. This gives the structure of your Dissertation a certain fluency that can help you achieve the highest mark.

    Simple Rules on How to Structure the Best Dissertation - Stick to one Methodology

  11. Don’t include new research in the Conclusion
  12. The purpose of the conclusion should be to provide a brief summary of your main argument as well as address any final points that you want to make regarding your study. Do not use the Conclusion chapter as a base to add any new research or findings because this chapter counts as your final remarks on a study you have already conducted.

  13. Relate final recommendations back to the research
  14. The final chapter will address both your conclusions and recommendations. A common mistake made by Dissertation writers is to ignore the relation of recommendations to your original research. The recommendations you make are not merely related to the topic under discussion but also to your research on that topic i.e. what you have done or not done. Make sure your recommendations give the reader an idea of how future researchers can expand their research on the chosen topic based on your dissertation.


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