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How To Secure A Job Right After Graduation

Posted on: February 18th, 2020

The cheer and happiness of getting your first job in the early days after graduation is unimaginable. The next thing that comes in mind is what I should do now? We classified graduates into two Types A and Type B.  The Type A graduates prefer to take a year gap to figure out what they exactly want to do. However, graduates who fall in Type B are desperate to get their first-time job and become independent.
Given the uncertain labour market condition, most youngsters struggle to find their perfect dream job. Besides, it is no surprise that newbie job hunters often make mistakes that come in their way of getting hired.
If you are one of Type B, this post is for you! We brought some fresh tips for all the new graduates we wish we’d gotten when we graduated some years ago.

Six Practical Tips To Find A Job Quickly

See Job Search as an Actual Job

If you are clear about your career goals, start looking for a job even before your complete studies. Definitely, job searching has changed a lot in the last couple of decades. We are lucky enough to be born in this technology-led era, where we have endless ways to do anything.

Find a Mentor

The first step to take your career to the next level is to find a good mentor. Growing up, we all realized that, our elders are always around to guide us and help us pass through difficult phases of life. Students often wonder why I should have a mentor. A mentor is a person who can have a tremendous impact on your academic life and help you decide your post-graduation plans as well.
Experienced entrepreneurs and business people feel honoured to take out the time to help youngsters learn from their journey and dodge mistakes they have made. You can also take inspiration from them to start your own small-scale business or a food truck. Online food ordering sites like Gloria Food frequently share helpful information and tips regarding restaurant opening and its marketing.

Identify Employers of Your Interest

If you know more than one language, then it’s a huge plus point and increases your job prospects in multinational companies because global MNCs are always on a hunt for bilingual and multilingual candidates. A reliable job portal for bilingual and native language positions is Europe Language Jobs where people create their free account and discover local and abroad jobs daily.

Try Online Money Making Options

In the current job market, most employers give more weightage to who you know instead of what you know. Online money making options such as blogging and freelancing gives you the perfect opportunity to make connections in your own field and show them what you are capable of doing. There are many people out there who get a permanent position using this strategy.
With this, you will be able to earn the right amount necessary for living. In fact, many people find online making option more feasible as compared to a typical job because of the benefits it provides such as working in the comfort of your home, no cost of travelling, better work-life balance etc.

Create a professional-Looking Resume

But Building a resume and cover letter with no work experience is another daunting challenge for young graduates. Most people end up creating a document with a mish-mash of complicated jargons that force hiring managers to remark you as a disorganized and desperate person with poor writing skills. As a recent graduate, focus on education and extra-curricular activities and use exciting tidbit of information that gives a humanizing feeling.
Always seek help from experienced professionals or profile writers while making your resume and cover letter to reduce your chances of being rejected.  Remember, you cannot get a second chance to make a first impression.

Start Networking Online

There is a chance that people who socialize with you know a job opening appropriate for you. To land these jobs, you have to make sure that you spend a generous amount of time in online networking with the right people. Create a LinkedIn profile if you haven’t made yet and join professional groups over Facebook and Twitter. These platforms will not only keep informed about the newest vacancies but also update on the latest trends and changes in your relevant industry.
Completing your degree programs gives you one of the best feelings ever, but the terrifying thing about graduation is that you finally enter the real world where you have to be on your own. Excellent academic performance is essential to find the job and life you wished for. And the sooner you get out of your institution, the sooner you will start searching for a good-paying job.


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