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Overcome Fear of Public Speaking to Become Influential

Posted on: November 10th, 2017

Not every person will have the opportunity face a big crowd of people with all eyes and ears set on them watching and listening to your every word and move. If you are lucky, this opportunity may present itself due to numerous achievements in a specialised field. For students this is a mandatory experience if they have to give a presentation or demonstration of any one of their academic projects. The fear of public speaking may not be so evident while memorising your speech. How to overcome fear of public speaking and how to concentrate better on the prescribed subject will be the only things on the speaker’s mind once they face a huge audience with all eyes set on them.

There are two basic aspects to overcoming fear of public speaking. The first is the main purpose and subject of the speech which needs to be covered in the dialogue. The second is the psychological aspect of facing such a huge crowd. Not everyone has nerves of steel to confront so many people at the same time and still remember what they wanted to say.

Overcome Fear of Public Speaking to Be Influential

Eloquently Articulating Subject Matter Pragmatically

Writing a speech is quite similar to writing a dissertation. A lot of research needs to be done and both for writing a speech and even a dissertation. In the case of a speech, there will be times when the public opinion will also become a consideration to the contents you will write. Plagiarism in public speaking can have serious consequences from destroyed public reputation to even having to face various allegations. Avoid plagiarism at all costs in the verbal communication.

Start practicing for the speech at least a fortnight before the actual speech. First memorise the entire script of the speech. Practice delivering the speech in front of a mirror. Analyse which gestures you think are productive to the overall effect of the words in the discourse. Practice presenting the rhetoric in front of friends or family members. Positively take in feedback about which gesture are persuasive and productive and which are futile. Avoid trying to speak too fast or speaking too softly or speaking in a manner which is not understandable by your audience.

Controlling Nerves and Anxiety for Good Communication

Once you have memorised the contents of the pollution essay designated to be a part of your public appearance, now begins the toughest part. Students can buy essays customised to meet their requirements of the speech, but delivering it will be a completely autonomous task. The fear of speaking in public in front of large audiences is very real and it may not always be a bad thing. A little bit of stage fright may be a good thing. Bruce Springsteen would always feel a little queasy before his public performances. He identified about himself that if he didn’t feel queasy before a public appearance, he wouldn’t be able to give such a good performance as otherwise expected.

Some believe that the fear of failing and speaking in public both go hand in hand. When speaking in front of large audiences the orator’s mind begins to wonder from the subject at hand to all the different things that people may be thinking. Having memorised the speech could be a good thing but it can also turn against you if you are adamant on single-mindedly following the script. Interacting with the audience is a mandatory part of public appearances. Think of the audience as your friend. Try to have positive collaboration with your audience at the same time expressing your thoughts and point of view.


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