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The Proliferation Of Internet Technologies

Category: Business

Analyse And Evaluate The Proliferation Of Internet Technologies


The general belief within the communications industry is that due to the proliferation of Internet technologies a larger proportion of marketing communication spend has moved and will continue to move from “above-the-line” to “below-the-line” tools and media over the next decade.
For a selected company you are required to do the following:

a) Critically analyse and evaluate the above belief. Track your selected company’s marketing communications in the UK in terms of the extent to which this trend is occurring. You are required to use company and market data covering the last 5 years to illustrate your discussions.


For the organisation selected for Task One you are required to complete the following.

b) Compare and contrast the positioning strategy of your selected company with that of a competitor within the same industry and country market. Evaluate how their different positioning strategies have impacted on their respective market shares and revenue growth over the last 5 years.

The word count should be 3000 words (+/- 10%)

You may include appropriate graphics to support your points if you consider they will add value to your answer
This is not to be written as an ‘essay’

Cover page, Exec Summary, Bibliography and Appendices are NOT included in the word count)
You must use academic theory and other robust sources to support your text, and any theory used should be applied to the context of the scenario
You must use in-text citations to evidence your work, in addition to producing a full list of references in the bibliography. All of these should conform to Harvard Referencing format.

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